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Rect-Al's BILL WEBER interview (From Al's postponed GG Fanzine)

Q: When/How did you start playing with GG & the Murder Junkies?
BW: I had answered an add that Merle placed in the Village Voice. He set up
an audition, and we met up. GG wasnąt there (he was in Chicago at the time).
There was about 3 other guys there auditioning of them was Dee Dee
Ramone (r.i.p.!). Dee Dee couldnąt play, but was cool to have in the band,
so we both were "hired". We were to tour in 4 days! GG showed up 2 days
after the audition. We reheared w/ Dee Dee once, then he quit the day we
were to leave on tour. I kept his amplifier.

Q: Were you a fan of GG Allin before you joined the band?

BW: I had been turned onto some of his stuff. I thought it was o.k. kinda
punk rock stuff. I had heard about some of the things he did onstage and
thought he was just taking Iggy's thing to a next level.

Q: Do you know the story behind Chicken John's departure from the M.J's?
BW: Chicken John is an asshole. GG hated that fuck. Chicken probably knew it
would be a matter of time before GG would totally kick his ass. He quit
before they had the chance to kick him out.

Q: Do you have any anecdotes about any wild shows that really stand out?
BW: They were all pretty wild. My favorite is when we split Joplin with our
guarantee before we played. We had the whole town following us on the
highway...wanting to kill us!

Q: Any favourite shows you've played?
BW: Actually, my favorite shows were done touring with the Candy Snatchers.
They had to tell ME the stories (we were all heavy drinkers). It was like
playing with 4 GG's!

Q: What was GG like in the studio to work with/or writing songs with?
BW: While GG was in prison serving out the rest of his sentence, Merle , Dino
and I would get together every week to work on the songs that came out on
the "Brutality" album. GG wrote the lyrics while in jail (without ever
hearing our music). When he got out of jail it took him 2 days to match his
lyrics with our stuff, and a couple of days after that we were in the
studio. GG was very focused while doing the "Brutality" record.

Q: Is there any upcoming Tigerlillies, we should look out for?
BW: The label Atavistic ( ) is releasing the
Tigerlilies album in Sept/Oct. I'm 98% done building a studio in my house,
afterwards my other band The Cybermen will record a release for Estrus.

-William Weber
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