Original Swedish Weaving
Patterns and Designs
Create beautiful blankets using Swedish weaving techniques!  This craft is fun to learn and can be used in creating a variety of projects.  Each original pattern includes complete instructions with both step-by-step textual instructions and colored graph patterns.  Swedish weaving is a needle craft using yarn, usually worked on a cloth called monks cloth, a loose weave fabric comprising four vertical threads and four horizontal threads, creating blocks. The designs are created by slipping the needle and yarn behind the blocks.  Swedish weaving is also known as huck embroidery.

Swedish weaving is an easy craft to learn, and patterns are available for beginners as well as those advanced in the art.  Blankets, afghans, placemats, table runners, pillow covers and pillows, as well as other projects can be made using Swedish weaving techniques.
Available Swedish Weaving Patterns
Complete instructions included with each pattern
Checkers & Vines
Amber's Garden
Autumn Landscapes
Interlocking Diamonds
Jessi's Quilt
All patterns are available in both colored graph and text formats, and can be purchased directly from the artist.  All patterns are copyright protected.  Custom needle craft designs and completed projects can also be ordered, and will be bid on an individual basis.  Contact
About the Artist
Jeri Bixler began Swedish weaving in 1992 and started creating her own patterns in 1998.  She currently has several copyrighted patterns, and works with clients to custom design projects as requested.

All custom design inquiries and orders should be directed to