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Yahoo! Groups – Living With ALS Group
Yahoo! Groups’ Most Popular ALS Discussion Forum
Free Registration is Required

Doug Eshleman’s Discuss ALS Forum
The “New” Discuss ALS Forum – Established by PALS Patrick Madigan and Maintained by Sean Madigan
This “New” Forum is a continuation of the Discuss ALS Forum that Doug Eshleman started

“BrainTalk” Neurology Discussion Forums
On-Line Neurology Discussion Forums at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)
Homepage at:
ALS “BrainTalk” (MGH) Discussion Forum – (New ALS Forum – As of 1/15/2000)
Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) – ALS Discussion Forum
(Old ALS Forum – Archives 10/15/97 - 1/15/2000)

Christians Living With ALS – Presented by Bill Millington

ALS Support Group

ALS/MND Support Chat – Presented by PALS Bob

“Lenny’s Place” – An ALS Forum Hosted by “Ride for Life”

ALS Message Board – (Health Message Boards for Health Related Topics
New ALS Forum (As of 11/20/2000) – Free Registration is Required

Old ALS Forum (Archives 8/29/98 - 12/18/2000)

ALS Network Forum – (Part of “Cheryl Mathews-Prock’s Web Site”)

Builder’s ALS Forum – (Part of the “” Web Site)

Forum Aide SLA
French speaking Forum for PALS and CALS

ALS Newsgroups

Cleveland Clinic Foundation – Neurology and Neurosurgery Forums
Cleveland Clinic Foundation – ALS Forum

Yahoo! Groups – PLS-FRIENDS Group
Free Registration is Required
Yahoo! Groups – PLSers-NEWS Group
Free Registration is Required
Yahoo! Groups – Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS)
Free Registration is Required

Strength-L Digest
Seriously consider joining in the Strength-L Digest discussions.
They can be fun, informative, inspiring and often enlightening.
Strength-L Digest is an uncensored forum for people with disabilities, Doctors,
Researchers, Caregivers, and others wishing to discuss any topic frankly and openly.
To subscribe to the Strength-L Digest:  Send E-mail To:
Type the word “Subscribe” in the body of the message and you will be
automatically added to the list.  You can Unsubscribe at any time.

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