How to Perform Medical Searches

US National Library of Medicine – Creator of “Medline”
US National Library of Medicine – “Medline” Fact Sheet

“Medline” – List of Medical Dictionaries

Medlineplus – A Service of the US National Library of Medicine
ALS Info At:

The American Pharmaceutical Association
A very comprehensive list of health science related web sites
Martindale’s Health Science Guide
Medical and Pharma Abbreviations Dictionary
The Journalist's Toolbox
Contains more than 5,000 Web sites helpful to anyone doing research.
This site is updated daily and designed to help you find resources the search engines miss.
Symptoms and Self-Assessment Search Engine
Medhelp International
Contains a Medical Library and access to Research Updates and other information
covering many branches of medicine OR
The Internet’s largest collection of freely available, full text clinical articles
Self-Help Source Book – Medical & Self Help Information – General Medical Information – Dr. C. Everett Koop – Health & Medical Information
Global Gateway to Science, Medicine, and Technology News
DoctorNET Online – Disease Link Index
Check Your Doctor Out – American Board of Medical Specialties
RxList – The Internet Drug Index – Information about Medication Assistance Programs
Center Watch – List of Clinical Trials
The Information Source for the Clinical Trials Industry
Clinical Trials – Developed by the National Library of Medicine
Comprehensive registry of all clinical trials for serious illnesses
Comprehensive listing of clinical trials actively enrolling participants
Lab Tests Online
A public resource on clinical lab testing from the laboratory professionals who do the testing

DocGuide - Information For and By Doctors
ALS Info At:

Neurological Search Engine – List of Research Institutes & Universities
A component of The World-Wide Web Virtual Library;
Cornell University Medical College - Dept of Neurology and Neuroscience
Journal of Neurology – European Neurological Society
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, & Psychiatry
Archives of Neurology – American Medical Association (AMA)
Journal of the World Muscle Society – Neuromuscular Disorders

National Institutes of Health
National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke (NINDS)
ALS Site:
National Institutes of Health (NIH) - Office of Dietary Supplements
IBIDS Database:

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – Dietary Supplements

American Medical Association (AMA)

Center for Neurologic Study (CNS)
Comprehensive List of Neuromuscular Diseases

InteliHealth - Home to John Hopkins Health Information
John Hopkins Medicine – Information for News Media
A comprehensive database of News Releases from top scientific Institutions.
Science Daily – The Latest Research News
The latest news in Science, Technology and Medicine
Mayo Clinic Health Oasis
Reuters Health Information
Readers Digest Health
CNN Health

Dept. of Clinical Neurosciences – University of Birmingham, Alabama
University of Kentucky – Neurology/Neuromuscular Program
University of Toronto – Center for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases

The New England Journal of Medicine
National Organization of Rare Disoders (NORD) homepage
American Academy of Neurology
American Neurological Association
Neurology Channel
ALS Info At:
World Medical Association (WMA)
World Muscle Society
The Whole Brain Atlas – Keith A. Johnson M.D. and J. Alex Becker

Institute of Neurolotoxicology and Neurological Disorders
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR)

REHABinfo Network – Neuromuscular Disease Information Clearinghouse
They distribute a monthly Newsletter as a tickler of
what's new in medical rehab/clinical trials, as well as updated
information on the Clinical Trials Registry.

To subscribe, follow the Newsletter link

The Glaxo Neurologic Centre

ITALY La guida italiana a Internet:

Neurology in Spanish
Or send e-mail to:
Ignore the SUBJECT line. In first message line write:

Lyme and ALS Associated Diseases
Lots Of Links On Lyme Disease
Very Large List Of Lyme Disease Links
Lyme Disease Survival Guide
LymeNet - Lyme Disease Network
Lyme Discussion Forum:
Lyme Alliance
Lyme Disease Information Resource
The ALS/Lyme Page
Lyme Disease Foundation
Phone: 1-860-525-2000
To Obtain a Dr. Referral:
American Lyme Disease Foundation Inc.
International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS)
Lyme Disease in the USA and Canada – Links and Information
Lyme Disease Mis-diagnosed as ALS – Links and Information

Lyme Disease Resources

Reasons for Negative Lyme Disease Test Results

Human Tick-Transmitted Diseases With An Emphasis On Australia
Dr. Burrascano’s Web Page - Joseph J. Burrascano Jr., M.D. OR
Lyme, Spirochetes, Flagyl and the Nitroimidazoles - by Martin Atkinson-Barr, CPhys PhD

The Prion Diseases – By Stanley B. Prusiner
“Aspartame” Website – By Dave Rietz
Documentation of Adverse Effects on Mercury, Amalgams, Vaccines &
Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals - By Bernie Windham
ALS Info At:

The Dental Amalgam Issue
The Chemical Manipulation of Human Consciousness
North Carolina Chemical Injury Network
The Medicine Cabinet
Notes on Hyperparathyroidism and ALS

Center For Complex Infectious Diseases – Dr. John Martin and Dr. Donovan Anderson
Dr. John Martin’s direct E-mail is:

Advanced Therapies, Treatments and Research
International Communication Forum in Human Molecular Genetics (HUM-MOLGEN) OR
HUM-MOLGEN Bulletin Board – Genetic News

Gene Therapy Information & News Articles – “Yahoo News”
Gene Therapy Journal
Journal of Gene Medicine
ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
A leader in the discovery and development of gene therapy, cell therapy,
stem cell therapy and protein therapy products
Molecular Therapy
Human Genome Project – “Yahoo News”
Biotechnology and Genetics – “Yahoo News”
Bio Online – Life Sciences
National Center for Biotechnology Information
Geron Corporation - Stem Cell Research OR
University of Wisconsin, Madison – Stem Cell Research
Human Umbilical Cord Blood (HUCB) Research
Norman Ende, Fran Weinstein, Ruifeng Chen, Milton Ende
CytoTherapeutics, Inc. – Stem Cell Based Therapeutics
ALS Program:
Layton BioScience, Inc.
A Pioneering Leader in Neuronal Cell Transplantation
Hughes Institute – St. Paul Minn.
NeoTherapeutics, Inc. – Development of Products to treat Neurological Diseases
“NEOTROPHIN” = Nerve Regeneration Drug
ViroPharma, Inc. – Development of Anti-Viral Medicines
Guilford Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Develops products for treatment of neurological disorders
Acorda Therapeutics Inc.
Dedicated to the development of therapies for spinal cord injury,
multiple sclerosis, and related neurological conditions.

General Health Care and Information
A web site to select online publications, clearing houses, databases, web sites, and
support and self help groups within the medical field
The Health Network (WebMD)
Healthtouch Online
Health On The Net
Galaxy Health Directory – Internet Directory
Healthlink USA – Links to Many Health Sites
Healthworld Online
World Health Network
Health Central
Health Bulletin
Health A-Z
Health Care Information
American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) – Health and Wellness

Health Newsbrief
A free weekly newsletter that summarizes recent news articles about health
information on the Internet and the use of the Internet in health care.
Each issue also has descriptions of the best new health-related Web sites.
The newsletter is edited by Bruce Maxwell, author of the book,
"How to Find Health Information on the Internet."
Subscription instructions:
To subscribe to Health Newsbrief, send a blank E-mail message to:
Or sign up on the Web at:
Owner/moderator address:

Healing With Nutrition
Smart Basics – Enhancement Through Nutrition
Smart Basics Newsletter “Intelliscope” Article = “ALS & Free Radical Damage”
The Nutrition Reporter – Jack Challem
Vitamin & Herb Information
Journal of Nutrition – American Society of Nutritional Sciences
Editor – John W. Suttie – University of Wisconsin, Madison  

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