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Data Sorter

This data sorter will alphabetize words, or sort numbers from the lowest to the highest. Enter your data in as follows:
     4567 8904 2345 737 26245 banana test data sorter alphabet etc.

Once you have entered the data, press the sort button that corresponds to the action you need.

PARAGRAPH.EXE is freeware. Copy and paste a whole list from a column to be placed in alphabetical order.
First highlight entire column to be alphabetized
Next press paste text from clipboard
Next press More Stuff at the bottom of the page
Next press Alphabetize a list
Next press Copy Entire Text From Clipboard
Next paste wherever you want your alpabetized list to be placed on another page.
                      Click here for further directions
seperate words with a comma
~ Word Alphabetizer ~

List words separated with a space
(capitalized letters will be listed first.)

Menu Constructor is a script which allows you to create an alphabetical menu from an unordered list of hyperlinks.
       Place a List in Alpabetical Order or
                       Numeric Order

    Need a list or a menu placed in alphabetical order? Here is your page!

With Paragraph.exe you can cut and paste a phrases or individual words in the form of a column into alphabetical order.

Using Word Alphabetizer, the words must be seperated with a space with or without commas and not any "enter" keystrokes they may be copy and pasted.

Data Sorter must be also be seperated by a space with or without commas.

The Menu Constructer script will allow you to create a menu in alphabetical order from a list which is mixed up.
Click here for Word Alphabetizer with Duplicate Word Remover
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