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3rd Anniversary   16th February, 2003

Wherever You Go, Whatever You Do...Be Happy and Remember Someone Here Missing You n Wishing You Well

click to viewHi friends this is a story of a guy named Gardener. He met a girl on the net named Rose. They started chatting and mailing everyday. Their regular chat and mails made them good friend. They used to discuss different topics in mails, which made them understand eachh other point of view. As the day passed by they started feeling soft corner in their heart. But perhaps they were scared to express their feeling towards each other. One fine morning they were chatting and enjoying each other company, at the end of the chat all of suddend Rose gave Gardener a shock by saying 'I L U.....'. This was shocking for Gardener since he did not expect this from Rose, even though the Gardener had the feelings for Rose. That day they started a new relationship. They were very happy and as the day passed Gardener was getting more n more crazy about Rose. Rose was also very happy. She is used to say that Gardener has everything what she wanted in a guy. She used to say 'I will not marry if I did not get Gardener'. She is lucky to find Gardener.You know guys her favourite song is "Nothings Gonna Change My Love For You...". Gardener loved her from heart and never used his mind in his relationship with Rose. Whatever Rose used to say he took it as granted and perhaps this is love, when two people love and trust each other their words are like promise. He trusted Rose blindly. One day Rose asked Gardener to wait for 3 years and he happily agreed upon that. Some people use their mind and heart both in love while Gardener just loved her from his sincere heart. Gardener was very happy with her.

click to viewFor Gardener she is the start of the day and end of the day. He gave all his attention and care to Rose because his principal was to give all your care and attention to whom you love .He made her feel secure in
love. He wanted to make her happy and feel how important she is for Gardener.He introduced her to his family and friends, but Rose never introduced him to her friends or family. For Gardener Rose became the goal of his life.He started trying to do everything to get her. He went to another country to make some money so that he can marry her. He talk to his own family and fought for her.His goal was just to get her. Gardener world was revolving around Rose. Doesn't he seems crazy....yes he was. People do this when they love someone from sincere heart. They will do anything or everything to get his/her love. Like Bryan Adams has said:

When you love someone
You'll do anything
You'll do all the crazy things
That you can't explain
You'll shoot the moon
Put out the sun
When you love someone

You'll deny the truth
Believe a lie
There'll be times that you'll believe
You can really fly
But your lonely nights
Have just begun
When you love someone

When you love someone
You'll feel it deep inside
And nothin' else
Can ever change your mind
When you want someone
When you need someone
When you love someone

When you love someone
You'll sacrifice
You'd give it everything you got
And you won't think twice
You'd risk it all
No matter what may come
When you love someone, hey
You'll shoot the moon
Put out the sun
When you love someone
Updated On: 22nd April, 2003

click to view Everything was going fine.They had celebrated 2 anniversaries together. They were in the 3rd years of their relationship.You know friends how tough is to maintain a relationship for 3 years without meeting, this was only possible because of trust.Perhaps time was coming near for them to come together forever. Gardener was very happy that 3rd year is coming to end, he was preparing to celebrate 3rd anniversary on 16th Februry 2003.

click to viewBut one day everything changed.Gardener got a shocking mail from Rose that she wants to discontinue. The langauge of the mail was unexpected for him. Rose changed, her language changed her behaviour
changed. It seems there is no Rose petal in Rose, there are only thorns and thorns. The reason to changed was 'parents disagreement'. He accepted that for sake of love. But what was the fault of Gardener? Why he has to listen those unexpected language from her, who used to claim that Gardener is part of her life? Where those claims and words went? Did she really ever love him ? If she ever did then how can she say 'Gardener it will hurt you for sometime but later it will be ok' . Can someone say this sentence to her loved one? Did she really mean what she used to say? Perhaps not."Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds, Or bend with remover to remove". There was no sadness in her for loosing her love. There was no sorrow feeling. What she used to say were mere words, she never meant it. Or she was in love but used her mind not heart.Perhaps she chose what was best for her rest of life. "Nothing Is More Painful Then Realizing She Meant Everything To Him & He Meant Nothing To Her"

click to viewRose left Gardener when he was in trouble.He needed her very much at that time but she left him alone. This whole change in Rose disturbed him very much. She was quick to destroy old memories like mails and photos. It seems that play is over and now no need of these things. He was surprised to see these changes in Rose. There was no sad or sorrow feelings in her for loosing him. It was more hurting for him to see the changes in her words and character than loosing her. Don't know was it love or game which ended right after 3 years of waiting. This way their love story ended before 3rd anniversary.

click to viewThere may come a situation when lovers have go in different direction due to family or financial problem, but its better to discuss with your partner and come to any solution rather than taking a unilateral and oppurtunistic decision. This will help you to maintain a good relationship even though you are not together.

click to viewWell friends if you are in love then please love from your sincere heart. Its very easy to express love for someone but its too difficult to maintain that love. Don't give false hope and don't play with someone's sincere heart. You can't imagine what effect it can have on your lover. It can have impact on mind,emotion, physical and even career.Your pain and suffering depends on how much you were attached to your lover. If you know the end result its better to let him go before its too late for him/her. But please don't change, it hurts alot friends, heart bleed when you are hurt from your love. Never hurt your love never.

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