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Welcome to my website about my 97 Plymouth Neon
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About Me
I am currently in Little O'le Fallon Nevada. I am 17 and like to work on cars and drive them. My Car is finally running and I will have new pics up soon.. I also like to cruise this small ass town, hang out with friends, Plus I love football and to play football. I am not playing this year since of an injury. But I hope to have something worth wild on this car soon. I know everyone hates the black steelies on there now but its my choice. But hope you like what you see. If you live in fallon look out for the rollin green mellon. You can't miss it. But thanx for visiting and please sign my guestbook, but nothing bad please. I know the car is not the best but leave that out. Thanx Adam!!!
Also if you own a neon and are interested in joining a car club for neons only click on the Neon America banner below. There are chapter all over America. I am in the Nevada chapter. But all the chapter are great and a good way to meet other neon owners and have some great times. Enjoy
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