My Wild & Crazy Summer-2000
    I spent most of my summer with my best friend Jordan (Jo) and my Aunt Teresa and Uncle Hugh.  We went down there a total of 4 times, becuz they live about an hour away.  We stayed about a week each time.

The 1st Time
     On our 1st trip down there we went to see 2 movies:  Road Trip and The Journey of a Man (an Imax show).  They were both awesome movies!!!  While they were at work we hung around the pool in their backyard.  They have the sweetest dog, Gateway, that loves me to death!  I feel the same about her. On Saturday Aunt Teresa dropped us off at the mall and we shopped till we dropped, for 4 1/2 hours!  Actually we probably could have lasted longer!  We went out to eat almost every night while we were there.  We shared our own room, which had a possessed tv in it.  We were on the net every night for like the whole night!  We ate at this restaurant called Razoo's and we had Fried Pickles!   If u've never had them u need to try them cuz they r the best!! 
The 2nd Time
     On our 2nd trip down there we saw Scary Movie at the Granada Theatre.  The Granada is a movie theatre where u can enjoy a wide variety of foods while watching the movie, which was really cool! We went to an old Prison that had been turned into a restaurant.  We got to sit inside a jail cell to eat our dinner.  The food was really fancy stuff, so it was a lil weird to us, but it was good.  We were in the pool 24/7.  We went to the mall for a few hours, a different mall this time.  Last time it was the Grapevine Mills Mall, this time it was the Valley View Mall.  They r both pretty big compared to the mall in our area.  As always we had a ton of fun!!!
The Backstreet Boys Concert!
     We went down there on Friday, March 3, 2000, for the concert.  We had no idea how much fun they had in store for us.  Friday night we didn't do much cuz we got down there kind of late.  Waiting for us in our room Aunt Teresa had a large basket full of candy, popcorn, magazines, photo albums for us to create, and lots of other good stuff!  The magazines were for us to decorate the walls with our fave people, The BSB.
     Saturday, March 4, 2000 we awoke between 12 and 2 p.m.  We were way excited that morning.  We listened to Backstreet Music all day long and watch a Backstreet Video (Backstreet Boys: Homecoming Live in Orlando) to get us hyped up, which didn't take long!  About 4:00 we started getting ready.  We dressed in complete Backstreet.  It took us about an hour to get ready.  About 6:30, Aunt Teresa and Mom opened the front door to reveal a stretch limo, our ride to the Concert!
     We arrived at Reunion Arena about 7:00.  We bought Millennium Glow Sticks and 2 T-shirts b4 the Concert and 2 T-shirts after the Concert.  The Concert was the bomb!  Words cannot describe that night.  Every1 had the time of their life.  That was ultimately the best day of our life.  None of us will ever forget that Night!
We would like to thank Aunt Teresa and Uncle Hugh for our funfilled summer and everything else they've done for us.  God Bless You and We Love You!
           Frick and Frack
For: Sadie
Sadie was my Aunt and Uncles German Shepard.
On 1 of our trips down there Sadie was taken to the vet to be put to sleep, becuz she was very sick and old.

For:  Uncle Hugh's Mother who passed away the night of the concert.  Neither of us actually knew her, but we know in our hearts that she was a kind and loving person.  We're thinking of u now!