Alyson's Filmography
Six Flags
Guest Appearances-
Roseanne, 10/9/1990 Playing Becky's Friend 2 in "Like, A New Job"
George, 1993
Almost Home, 4/17/1993 Playing Samantha in "The Dance"
Almost Home, 6/5/1993 Playing Samantha in "Hot Ticket"
Touched By An Angel, 10/26/1994 Playing Cassie Peters in "Cassie's Choice"
Picket Fences, 6/19/1996 Playing Peggy Peterson in "To Forgive is Divine"
100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd, 11/6/1999 Playing Voice of Gigi in "Dog Day Out"
The Wild Thornberrys, 3/27/2000 Playing Voice of Gerda in "Every Little Bit Alps"
Angel, 5/22/2001 Playing Willow Rosenberg in "There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb"
Free Spirit, 1989-1990 Playing Jessie Harper
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 3/10/97-Forever Playing Willow Rosenberg
Mtv's Dead Man on Campus Cram Session, 1998
Mtv's Rock N' Jock Bowling, 2/20/1998
My Stepmother is an Alien, 1988 Playing Jessie Mills
Switched at Birth, 1991 Playing Gina Twigg
The Stranger Beside Me, 1995 Playing Dana
For My Daughters Honor aka Indecent Seduction, 1996 Playing Kelly
A Case For Life, 1996 Playing Iris
Dead Man On Campus, 1998 Playing Lucy
Amercan Pie, 1999 Playing Michelle
Hayley Wagner, Star, 1999 Playing Jenna Jakes
Boys and Girls, 2000 Playing Betty
Coming Soon-
Beyond City Limits, 2001
American Pie 2, 2001