Anthony Stewart Head's Filmography
Guest Appearances-
Bergerac, 11/15/1981 playing Bill in "See You In Moscow"
The Comic Strip Presents, 2/11/1984 playing Rickie in "Slags"
Spenser for Hire, 9/27/1985 in "No Room At The Inn"
Boon, 3/3/87 playing Richard Rathbone in "Day of the Yokel"
Woof, 1988
The Comic Strip Presents, 2/27/1988 playing Recording Studio Engineer in "More Bad News"
The Detectives, 1993 playing Simon
Highlander, 5/10/1993 playing Allan Rothwood in "Nowhere to Run"
Ghostbusters of East Finchley, 12/14/1995 playing Terry
NYPD Blue, 12/19/1995 playing Nigel Gibson in "Cold Heaters"
Jonathan Creek, 5/10/1997 playing Adam Klaus in "The Wrestler's Tomb"
Two Guys A Girl and A Pizza Place, 5/12/1999 playing Dr. Staretski in "Two Guys A Girl and A Mother's Day"
Silent Witness, 2/12/2001 playing Henry Hutton in "Below Zero"
Silent Witness, 2/12/2001 playing Henry Hutton in "Two Below Zero"
VR. 5, 1995 playing Oliver Sampson
Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 1997-Forever playing Rupert Giles
Taster's Choice Commercials, 1990-1997
Lillie, 1978 playing William Le Breton
Lady Chatterley's Lover, 1981 playing Anton
A Prayer for the Dying, 1987 playing Rupert
Woof Again! Why Me? 1992
Royce, 1994 playing Pitlock
Roger Roger, 1996 playing Jimmy Price
Coming Soon-
Rock Star, 2001