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My name is Jessica and you are here . . . at my webpage. I hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to sign my guestbook. Drop me a line and tell me what you think.

All I have been doing lately is a lot of working at the hospital. I no longer work at the grocery store. I quit there right after I graduated from high school in June. So now I have been working my butt off to pay off my car and try to save up some money for college.

Other than that, my town has been full of foolish drama as usual. I thought that would all end once I graduated, but it didn't. I still get dragged into it or else hear all about it non-stop. Sometimes it makes things interesting, but lately it's just been straight out annoying.

The good news is that my best friend/sister Katie and I are talking and hanging out again. I think we are finally getting out one-of-a-kind friendship back on track. At least I hope so. If you're reading this Katie . . . I LOVE YOU!!!!

Well, I think that's about it for now. I'll write more later when something new happens. So keep checking back!

If you ever want to email me . . .go ahead. The link is below. And if u just feel like chatting . . . you can IM me too. Here are my screen names for
Yahoo: sweet_appeal
AIM: AngelBaby52901

Until Next Time . . .