Dena_Pixie_Girl's Profile Page
Name: Dena Wells

Breed:  Half Pixie Half Human

Age: 19

Height: 5'5

Weight: 113 Lbs

Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde

Eye Color: Ocean Blue

Piercings and Tatoo's: Silver Hoop through her belly button, 4 earrings in each ear, and a hoop through the tip of each wing.  As for tattoo's, she has a pink tribal design on the inside of her left wrist, and a heart of black roses and barbed wire on the inside of her right forarm.

Extra Features: Has iridescent wings that glow various colors depending on her mood.

History : Dena was born and raised in the Devandre realm.  The realm was a world of love, prosperity, and peace.  But word spread quickly of the peace, and others became jealous and angered by the lack of war and rampage in that realm.  So a few years ago, the realm was taken over and ultimately destroyed.  A few beings of the realm managed to escape, Dena being one of them.  Sadly though, her mother, father, little sister and other family were not so lucky.  They all perished in the destruction.  Dena now lives her life in the eyes of her family, living her life to pass on the rememberance and memories of her family and realm.  Her goal in life is to make people aware that a utopian society is possible, but hate and greed will destroy it in the long run.

Personality: Dena is well mannered and very intelligent, but is held back by her natural shyness towards people.  She is friendly to everyone she meets and to every creature, but cannot speak  freely at first.  She is very in touch with nature and loves to just spend hours sitting outside  and watching animals or objects.  When not travelling, she can usually be found in a busy tavern,   curled up on a couch with a book in her lap.  She frequently writes in her leather bound journal,   and when asked about it, she explains that the journal is her entire universe and must keep updating it for fear that she will be injured or killed suddenly.