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Hello- Welcome to my newly redesigned free web site on me and my sexual adventures. I had originally created this site as a sexual diary with all my adventures shown in detail, and after a few months, I created a Yahoo club under and a complete web site under I am no longer listing all the girls I had sex with because of too much attention, but I do intend to update this web site as time allows and keep it as "clean" as possible. As it was once deleted.

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My sex life..

When I first started the Geocities site, I had a long list of the girls I had been with and it was funny to see how some people praised me while others hated me for it. So after it got deleted I decided to keep my life much more private. I did however leave an address where I had transfered the information and it is at:

What I can say about my sex life is that is it as varied and interesting as it comes. I have been with all kinds of girls, and I have tried just about anything (that is normal/legal) when it comes to sex.. I am not sure if it's my testostorone level or what, but I think my sexual drive is above average..

Holly Landers


My life in  amateur porn ..

It's funny how I ended up doing porn. In fact, after being in it almost 3 years I am still in disbelief that I am in movies being distributed on video stores.  I am not sure if I was destined for this, but it seems at this rate like I will be in it for a long while.

I am having a nice time having sex with all these girls, and at the same time find myself missing the normal sex life I used to have.. but now that I am running, there will be a lot more porn for me to do..


Allyson Embers

Sex life  The numbers  The girls  Stories   Who is Sweet Life?  Contact Me


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