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Hi I'm Melissa, or Liss, or Lissa. I guess I will start out by telling you  a little about me. My likes and dislikes, interesting and non-interesting facts about me!

I was born Dec. 1, 1970 in Fargo, ND in the midst of a blizzard.

I am a vet tech and have worked as one for the past 15 years.

I am an avid wolf lover. I am very active with the International Wolf Center. I recently met my idol Dr. Dave Mech. He has done research on wolves since the early 1960s.

I have 2 wonderful children, Brandon 12 and Jessica 10.

I have WAY too many animals!

I love seafood, especially oysters on the half shell!

I hate men who lie, cheat and play mind games.

I love Vikings football, I can't believe they traded Moss!

I love the outdoors. Fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, horseback riding, water sports, rollarblading...pretty much everything.

I hate ignorant people.

I love to go dancing, especially 2 stepping.

I am a truck girl. ;)

Someday I will own a motorcycle.

I am pretty sure in my past life I was a race car driver.

I was once on the kissing cam at a Minnesota Twins game!

I like to have fun. :)