My tribute to Helen Egan

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This is a much needed tribute to Helen Egan. Helen has been playing the part of The Little Spirit since the beginnning. She is by far the best spirit I've ever seen. She is known to go so deep into her part that she cries with relief when the Lord fixes her flute. I think Michael Flatley discribed it best when he said: "Boy, that little Helen is such a star. There must about a hundred people out there and the only one you can look at is her!"

This year, Helen got a new challenge; to play the part of Jester in Michael Flatley's new show Feet of Flames 2000. I've seen her play it five times now and she is absolutely fabulous!! The part of Jester is a bit bigger than the part of the Little spirit and she deserves every second she gets in the spotlight.

Pictures of Helen

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A few show pictures of Helen:

Helen gets kissed by Michael after FOF '98


Helen as Jester my favourite websites

Helen as Jester again

Helen in Celtic Dream. Taken from Official program

Kelly Bernadette and Helen at a party in South Africa taken from the Official LOTD website

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