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Hello, I am a 20 year old Northern Small Town, Canadian girl.  Living alone with my pooch, but a stone's throw away from my family.  I love my family, I am as I close to them and respect them as one can.   I am greatful for what the good lord as given me.  And I love and respect everyone I encounter as one should.   I restore cars in my spare time, 5 in my garage right now.  I own a painted horse named frost.

Oct. 6th 1983
Dark Blue eyes
Chestnut coloured hair
Tan complection
115 lbs
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Well because I am a rather private person.  I do have photographs of myself, I have given them out on msn.  Just ask me about it.  And get to know me first, don't just demand them.  Nothing I hate worse! Bye now!