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Welcome to the world of wt Whpr. In the next moments I am going to guide you through the moods and sounds that are going to change your life. Turn off the lights, close your eyes, relax, and abandon yourself to your fantasy and your emotions.

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I have been thinking of you......
It has clouded over here; we are due for a thunderstorm. There would be nothing I like better than being caught in it with you. It would be night, maybe just after dusk. We would be walking leisurely arm in arm, enjoying the night's air, having just a bit of coolness to it. Making your arm about me feel all that much better. Giving me even more of a sense of warmth and security. We would be talking with one another, exchanging whispers, feeling the love grow all the more between us. Both of us trying to steal kisses from each, we don't even notice if there is anyone watching us, not caring if they were. We begin to feel the first few raindrops touching us softly, as we hear the low rumble of thunder off in the background. We continue walking in spite of it, never wanting the closeness we are sharing now to ever end. We notice because of the rain that no one is around, we decide to stop where we were. Not to steal a kiss from one another this time but to kiss each other deeply and passionately, bodies pressed against each other at every possible point. It has begun to rain harder now; it is not enough to put out the passion's flame that is within us. The lightning and thunder is getting closer now, no longer is the thunder a low rumble off in a distance. The flashes are getting brighter now; it illuminates both of us. We see how wet we both have become from the heavy rain that is coming down now. Both wanting to get out of the rain and our wet clothes, we head back to our place. We get in the door, but the lights are not working, lost all power because of the storm. We both go around the house gathering up all the candles that we can find and bring them into the bedroom. We place them all about the room, lighting each one as we do. The room is now aglow from the candles and shadows dancing on the walls, you have put on the radio, the music is soft and slow. We stand facing each other not saying a word, but just gazing into each other's eyes. I reach out towards you and begin to undo the buttons on your shirt, very slowly and deliberately. Having finished with the buttons, I place my hands upon your shoulders and begin to remove your shirt, having to peel it off you because it is still wet from the rain. Your skin is cool to the touch from being wet, but I can see the deep burning desire that is in your eyes. I continue on, reaching for the waist of your pants, then I feel your hands cupping my face, lifting it towards yours. Your lips brush lightly against mine, I embrace you in my arms. Hearing the soft music in the background, I take my cue from the shadows dancing on the wall and begin to sway with the music. Feeling very much as one with you.

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