The Way We Were
(formerly the progress page)
Side note 8/29/04:  I quit the program in March.  Since then, I have gained nearly all of my weight back.  I restarted the program on 8/22/04 and am keeping this page up to remind myself that I have done this before, and I can do it again but better!
I will be posting a new progress page in the future so that we can see the results of my NEW journey down the road to Botticelli-hood.
This  picture was taken around the beginning of my weight loss journey.  I was at my highest weight ever here topping out at 325.6 lbs!  I began my weight loss journey on May 20th, 2003.
May 20th, 2003 right after my very first WW meeting.
October 30, 2003 at my first 10%!
October 30, 2003
Total weight lost is 33 lbs.
May 20, 2003