October 24-November 21

Ruler: Pluto, Mars as co-ruler

Symbol: The Scorpion

Element: Fixed Water

What makes you sexy: Your sultry gaze and passionate outlook on life.

Your ideal lover:  Someone who values passion and success as much as you do.

Your love personality: You're an ardent and passionate lover, but not on a perpetual quest for pleasure.  Still, don't underestimate your unique mystique.  One smoldering glance is usually enough to pique his or her curiosity.

Scorpio Woman With...

ARIES Man: You're all woman and he's all man. You're drawn to each other instantly and find yourselves passionately involved soon after.  You admire his courage and he likes your strength.

Taurus Man:  Although your relationship may take a while to blossom, it's worth the wait.  He's as sensual as you are and patient enough to gratify your desires.  He'd make a great husband.

Gemini Man:  There's a big attraction but it's mostly curiosity.  He wonders what makes you so intense and  you wonder what makes him so frivolous. You'll have to work hard to make this last.

Cancer Man: As fellow water signs  you inspire deep feelings in each other and become passionately attached in a short time. Long term though, this relationship takes a lot of hard work.

Leo Man:  When your water meets his fire, there's enough steam to poower an engine.  Despite the inevitable clashes between too such strong individuals it's surprising how often this match works.

Virgo Man:  You're attracted to each other and may toy with the idea of of being lovers, but you're simply too intense and emotional to pair up with this cool creature of logic for long.

Libra Man: Your sexuality challenges him and when his Venus meets your Mars, the results can be electrifying.  He's not the strong, decisive man you need as long-term partner though.

Scorpio Man:  Your attraction is strong yet your're able to relax with each other because you're in no hurry too prove anything.  If you can keep it that way your love could last forever.

Sagittarius Man: He wants you and you return his interest but after a few heated encounters, you'll probably move on. You're too intense for him and he's just too easygoing and mellow for you.

Capricorn Man:  He has excellent potential as a lover.  Beneath his suit beats a loving heart that's waiting for the right woman.  You bring magic into his life and he showers you with affection.

Aquarius Man:  He can't understand how anyone can expend so much energy without burning up.  You wonderhow he can be so nonchalant.  You don't understand each other.  Not an easy match.

Pisces Man: This gentle soul could be the man of your dreams.  You make magic together and the bond is strong because it's spiritual too.  If you want him in your life, let him know it right away.

Scorpio Man With...

Aries Woman:  This match is more difficult than when the sexes are reversed but it's worth the work to make it last. The outlook is brightest if you choose a lady who's already attained her goals.

Taurus Woman:  She's your natural partner in the Zodiac and it's amazing how quickly you find a place in each other's hearts and lives.  You're each other's ideal lover. This could lead to the altar.

Gemini Woman:  She makes you laugh and is a lot of fun, but you probably won't be interested in anything more than a short term fling.  You're simply on different wavelengths.

Cancer Woman:  She's as strong as  you are, but is content to deal with family and let you be the mover and shaker.  In the bedroom, you have all the right moves, plus a powerful emotional bond.

Leo Woman:  You like her style, but you're more comfortable admiring her from a distance.  If you did hook up, you'd have fun for a while then you'd end up with a hurt and bruised ego.

Virgo Woman: She's entranced by your sexy ways and you're captivated by her innocence. If you're the one to help her blossom she'll be respond passionately and keep you happy for years.

Libra Woman: There's an undeniable and powerful sexual attraction but after a few casual dates, neither of you knows what to do with each other.  That's a clear signal to move on.

Scorpio Woman: Each of you has enough magnetism to heat a large room.  Together you're a sexual powerhouse with intense emotions.  If you can avoid jealousy you could share a lifetime of love.

Sagittarius Woman:  You both enjoy a sexy good time. After that you want more and she wants to get back to her work and friends.  She's more affectionate than passionate.  Keep her as a pal.

Capricorn Woman:  You can't resist the challenge of melting her icy reserve.  She's been hurt before and once the two of you are together, she'll do everything in her power to keep you happy.

Aquarius Woman: You enjoy a brief flirtation, but without a lot of work this won't last.  Her independent streak eventually turns you off.  You need to be needed. She needs to take care of herself.

Pisces Woman:  She's the one with whom you can merge mind, body and soul and hel you become more than you thought you could be.  You fulfill each other's desires and anticipate each other's needs.

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