April 20-May 20

Ruler: Venus

Symbol: The Bull

Element: Fixed Earth

What makes you sexy: Your enjoyment of all life's sensual treats.

Your ideal lover:  Someone who's sensual, sexual and plays for keeps.

Your love personality: You seek a mate who's physically desirable, but you also want a meeting of the minds.  When you're ready to pledge your heart, let your honey know or risk losing him or her to someone less shy.

Taurus Woman With...

ARIES Man: He loves to take charge and you don't mind at first, but after a while you might want more of a say in things.  If you can teach him this without wounding his ego, this could work.

Taurus Man:  You both have the same ideas about romance and sex: gourmet dinners, walks in the woods, making love until dawn.  You're intuitive lovers who enjoy the same things together.

Gemini Man:  You're steady and dependable.  He's never the same two days in a row.  This can be a fine friendship if you find the contrasts amusing, but it's unlikely to become anything more.

Cancer Man:  Here's a man who can make all your fantasies come true.  He's often inhibited emotionally, but your warmth frees him to express himself.  You find yourselves great friends too.

Leo Man:  You're both determined which makes you a great team in business.  As lovers, though, you bring out the stubborness in each other.  This relationship will take a lot of patience.

Virgo Man:  You're the star of his fantasies. He's quirky enough to keep you intrigued and fulfilled.  His changeable nature challenges you, while your practicality grounds him.  The outlook is bright.

Libra Man: You might think his air and your earth wouldn't add up to more than dust, but you're both children of Venus, so you could be surprised.  You both think of love as life's greatest joy.

Scorpio Man:  There's no doubt you have the passion to fulfill each other.  The question ishow compatible you are between trysts.  With enough interests in common you could become lifelong partners.

Sagittarius Man: You share a zest for life.  But the social scene that's an occassional amusement for you is routine for him.  You seek a homebody while he goes on the prowl for another party animal.

Capricorn Man:  This works best if you're close in age.  This combination can generate a surprising amount of passion if you take things slowly, allowing both of you to overcome your shyness.

Aquarius Man:  Your social circles are so different that they'll probably never overlap long enough for the two of you to exchange more than a few words, let alone get together.

Pisces Man: You can make each other's dreams and fantasies come true if you don't mind being the practical one.  With enough shared interests, you could find happiness with each other forever.

Taurus Man With...

Aries Woman:  You want a date who admires you, but she's too busy making an entrance.  Aside from a few memorable nights in bed, there's nothing to keep you together.  She's not your idea of a mate.

Taurus Woman:  You're both great host, good gourmet cooks and enthusiastic and passionate lovers.  All you need for life long bliss is a wedding band, a bed and a nice house for you both to live in.

Gemini Woman:  You'll have fun sharing a night on the town, but don't try to turn this into a relationship when it's meant to be just a flirtation. You need someone more dependable as a lover.

Cancer Woman:  She believes the best love affair is the kind that leads to marriage and kids.  You love the way she fulfills your fantasies.  You're happy to be her one-woman man.

Leo Woman:  This combination has good possibilities.  You enjoy asking her for dates, picking up the tab and initiating sex.  She's been waiting for someone who makes her feel like a woman.

Virgo Woman:  You may enjoy teaching this wide-eyed innocent the ways of the world, but once her curiosity is satisfied, she may take you for granted.  If you want to stay happy, keep looking.

Libra Woman: You can be happy lovers, even compatible spouses, if you don't mind her socializing while you sit in an easy chair.  She's affectionate, eager to please and as faithful as  you are.

Scorpio Woman:  As lovers, you're passionate partners.  As long-term couple the odds are against you unless you have help from harmonious planets and can keep jealousy at bay.

Sagittarius Woman:  You want a mate.  She wants lots of pals.  Even if you're her only lover, you can't help wondering what she's up to when you're apart.  You're better off as friends.

Capricorn Woman:  Astrologers consider this one of the best matches.  You're both ambitious, enjoy life and share passion and emotional depth.  You make her laugh.  She reminds you to be serious.

Aquarius Woman:  You have little in common beyond being citizens of the same planet and when you meet this lady, you may wonder about even that.  Smile and move on.

Pisces Woman:  She's cosmic, you're down to earth, but the sexual chemistry is so good that you make allowances for your differences.  She has the sensual sizzle to captivate you forever.

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