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Last Recents updated: 5172003 5:12PM

Year after years, sigh! now back... yep i've realize people still come to my gay looking site
that Ive still got up on geocities! Will, any ways I guess I could updated it more, since people
tend to imagically found my site. I've wanted to really get my own domain whenever I can but then
on the other hand Im always to busy to go look for one... So I guess I stick with geocities for now
until then..

So its been years since i got back to designing site again so bear with me if its not all groovy...
Just wanted to let everyone know that I've not been online that much, so if you would like to contact
me, you can email me evenually I'll email you back if im into doing it so.. but if not
this is always my guestbook. But keep our comments good. !.!


- ampie