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Whoops! someone's gone to the wrong site! this website have moved! click on the below links.
Visit the new site, djmysterious.5u.com!
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This website was formed as a "test bed" to the above website when i was learning how to building websites using a very basic form of code called HTML, which still largely baffles me! I'm not into geeky computer things even if people go on about it as if its the in thing to me!

Well anyway, I needed a name for the website, i did try djmysterious but it was in use and so I needed another name to use for the website. People kept saying i was sweet and some things i liked such as TV, media, cars, DJ-ing etc were sweet (Slang word for cool) so i choose that as the name...but didn't work.
So I needed a bit more to that name, my confidence was low due to being judge on how I look and because i wasn't into computers which people found weird so some people were saying I was shy, Although far from it. I'm not shy at all. But anyway, I needed a name, sweetandshy was on my mind in a moment of mad thinking so tried that. It still didn't work so choose 2004 at the end, the year the site was created and it worked. Thats how the name came about. But every day afterward i kinda wish i thought it through as the name was RUBBISH!

But that didn't matter too much as it was only a test bed for a better site once i got used to some things as well as increasing my understanding of HTML stuff I needed to know for college.

Later i gave the name more thought, I wanted to keep the slang word for cool in the website name and losely connect with it that most girls thought i was sweet so i kept that, and added mysterious as thats my style. so sweetandmysterious was born. Plus if ya typed it into a search engine it came up everytime. The name made the site easy to find on the internet.

I still wasn't happy with the site name tho, the slang word "Sweet" was now getting old school and i wondered if i could create a new website using the name i orginally wanted to use back in late 2003 early 2004 on the new internet web making thing i was using. To my amazement it let me do it, hence the name i always wished to use is now in use on my main website. www.djmysterious.5u.com or www.djmysterious.tk.

However, the website (with two internet web links linking to the same site) didn't show up on search engines due to the name being in such wide spread use around the world with different DJ's let alone myself. So because of this I still advertise the sweetandmysterious website as its easy to find as well as advertising the main website. Both sites are linked so viewers can cross onto ethier site, most noticeably to the djmysterious site being the main one out of the two.

Ok, theres a bit of history about the website...
Visit the new site, djmysterious.5u.com!

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