Regular Rules

8 Ball Pool Rules

9 Ball Pool Rules

Special Rules

Special Tourneys
General Rules

  • Account rules:
    • Playsite names and the league names must match or you wont be able to play.
    • You are only allowed one account per league. If we find you having more then one, we will take actions.
    • If you are muted by playsite staff, you are not allowed to play in our league. The reasoning behind this is that you cant report your games in lobby. If you still wanna play, go to talk to playsite staff to get you unmuted.
    • NEVER give out your password to anyone.
  • Member Conduct:
    • Be courteous and show good sportsmanship in both the lobby and at the tables !!!!!
    • Foul language or profanity is not allowed.This includes sexually explicit language, vulgarity or anything deemed improper by the staff.
      If this happens the penalty is as follows:
      1st offense: verbal warning
      2nd offense: written warning
      3rd warning: boxed for a week
      any further incidence the player will be banned from league.
    • No fighting or drama in lobby. Any disagreements are to be taken to a table or an IM!
    • No flooding the lobby. Only TDs are alowed to addy his/her tourney, rules, pairs n buxs.
  • In the event of a disagreement, the TDs decision is FINAL ... PERIOD.
  • If we find you breaking or misusing these rules, you can be boxed or kicked out of the league.
  • Setting of the game:
    • The first player called in the pairings sets the table.
    • Table is set with setting announced by TD and is set to invite.
    • First player sends out an invite to second player.
    • Please wait for pairings to be announced before starting next round.
    • It is your responsibility to check the game settings.
  • Reporting your win in a tourney match
    • In a tourney, the host will report all matches to Cases, not the player.
    • Winner and/or loser reports in main lobby: Winner/Non-winner.
    • Both players may want to do this to make sure the hosting TD gets the report.
  • Boots/Missing Rules:
    • 5 minutes timer for when opponent not in lobby.
    • And a 3 minutes timer for when opponent in another game.
    • Missing report in main lobby: Host Name****(Missing player's name) is missing.
    • If you are playing and your opponent disconnects, then return to the lobby (to make it fair). 2 disconnections in the same game means disqualifation.
    • The TD starts the timer when he is notified and stops the timer when the player returns.
  • Reset rules. As we all know does playsite have many glitches n faults. So a few guidelines for resets:
    • Not loading of the game is automatically reset.
    • A reset of the game can be asked when the game is messed up ie. no cue, no screen, after synchronisation, ...
    • Resets in game should be asked both in game chat as in lobby chat at the time of the game mixup.
    • No reset allowed on 8 ball unless both parties agree and screen shot is taken if possible.
  • Subbing rules:
    • Subbing is only allowed in partners tournaments (2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, ...)
    • When estasblished that your partner isnt returning, ie. by timing, by a message, ..., you can either ask for a sub for next round or play yourself for your partner in the next round.
    • Always ask the hosting TD to find a sub.
    • One tap per game is allowed. If more than one tap then opponent will tell host and a reset will be requested. If tapping continues in the 2nd game it will be a dq.
    • A tap is considered tapping when it is used to hide a ball not when a ball is tapped by cue lightly to knock it into pocket