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2/24/01 : Aight ya'll this is mah first blog so itz probably gonna suck  a lot. U've probably already noticed that I'm obssessed w/ da St. Louis born rapper *Nelly*. Ain't he fine? Of course he is! Itz sunday so nutin really happened today. Downloaded songs, talked online, the usual. Last week i went on this frieldtrip to the replica of the Amistad. It wuz so boring! The only exciting thing that happened wuz when Caroline got sumthin stuck in her eye and the paramedics had to cum and flush it out. And the only funny thing that happened wuz when Sebastian almost missed the bus cuz he wuz @ Starbucks.Progree Reports come out on Tues. That means mah funeral's comin up.
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2-25-01: Itz monday! that dreaded day of the week. Tomorrow's progress reports, which means I'm prbly gonna be grounded. Nutin really happened today. I talked to Pepe this morning when I wuz hiding from Marina. I think she's pissed at me cuz I keep botherin her bout Pepe and Marc. W/E i wuz just foolin around. Lunch was aight. For sum reason Billy ended up chasing Penguin outta the cafeteria. In history Ryan started saying how he wuz gonna start a revolution against the school board. He wuz jus foolin around though. I think. Then i told Danny that Lizzy was gonna say yes to him ( cuz of the prom) he said he wuz just kidding. Poor Lizzy. She was really looking forward to it.
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2/26/02: Progress reports were today. I got a D in history and a C in Math  The only  A I got was in Drama. Itz kinda hard not to pass that class. Lorie actually got a C. It wuz actually pretty funny. In lunch we were on drugs. At least we were acting like we were. I wuz reading Isis's Blog and she started talking about how it really hurts to like a guy and then u c him makin out w/ his g/f or whoever. It does, alot. But then I startes thinking about that quote that goes "No guy is worth your  tears, and the one that id will never make you cry" Thatz probably my fave quote right about now. I got a letter from Gables saying that I'm in the lottery to get in. I hope I get in cuz for me itz either Gables or Lourdes and i really don't wanna got to Lourdes.
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2/27/01: Today was ok. Not much excitement except for seventh period but i'm rushing mahself. In the morning before school started me and Marina were looking at these pictures from the seventh grade that Yanela brought. We wuz there like "OMG! That wuz us?" Some of em were actually pretty funny. In first period me, Lorie, and Arelys had to practice our skit for the fair in the bathroom. In the part where we have to turn around Arelys slammed right into the wall. It wuz one of those classic kodak moments. Algebra was boring, as usual. In lunch the cafeteria was way overcrowded and Jorge kept botherin me and Lizzy. The in 5th period we had Ms. Johnson as a sub. She gave like 5 ppl. a referral because they wrote/read sumthing in a book. Then she started lecturing  Nancy cuz supposedly Nancy talked back to her. She started saying " Don't ever go to the ghetto cuz u'll get a butt whoppin" we were all there like "Say wut?". Nancy didn't even do anything. In 7th period Mrs. Robledo found out wut happened and sent Isa, Nancy, and Elias to go complain.  And then on the bus Eddie thru scissors out the window and it hit a car. Next Page -->