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All my life I've been brought up listening to music. My parents always had The Beatles playing or The Guess Who plus tons of their other favorites. My uncle got me started with taking piano lessons. For that I am so very thankful. I love the piano and, well, the saxophone is another weakness! Then again I like all instruments. Music is my 'get away from life time', my release!

Here are some of my favorite songs
Artist Song Title CD Title Type
Evanescence My Immortal Fallen Alternative Rock
Billy Joel Piano Man Piano Man Classic Rock
Ludwig Van Beethoven Für Elisé --- Classical
Eric Clapton Sunshine of Your Love The Cream of Clapton Classic Rock
The Beatles Ticket to Ride Help! Classic Rock

Some music sites to explore:

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Poetry, on the other hand, is a totally different way that I express myself. I started writing poetry when I was twelve and have been ever since. I also read others poetry, one of my favorite poems is by Robert Frost 'The Road Not Taken'. (link also shows other poetry)

Some poetry sites to explore:

Last but certainly not is me! :)
(I love this pic, it was taken Prom-May 1998.)

20 May 2000

This was taken March of 2001, me and my sisters!.

This is Me, my cousins and my youngest sis (with the dark hair)! We had a blast!

This is my new of 06/10/01 :)

Blah :) (taken 09 June 2002)

Here is me and my punkin' (Ron) :D

This is the most recent of me! (and Figgy)

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