Our Adoption Journey
We are beginning our journey to adopt a newborn girl.   We are so excited to finally begin.  But first we need to raise money to even have the homestudy done.   So any help with donations would be greatly appreciated :)

A little about us & why we are adopting.   We have 2 bio sons but we wanted a girl but with my 1st pregnancy I had anti-bodies from a miscarriage scare.   I didn't get a RhoGam Shot I was suppose to get. I didn't know I had the anti-bodies until I got pregnant again 6 months later.   The baby & I  had gone thru a lot just to keep my body from rejecting the him.   We decided not to have anymore children because of the high risk to the babies &  each pregnancy would be more greatly affected.   Not until recently did I finally accept I would not bear anymore children with my husband.   I am now at peace with our decisions from the past & for our future with adoption.

Now we are needing to raise funds to even begin our wonderful journey.   Any donations of money, things for me to sell, or even just your support to say what a wonderful thing you are doing for a child would be greatly appreciated.

I sell on bidville auction site which is listed in my favorite links if anyone cares to check out what I have for sale &  would like to bid.  All proceeds go towards our adoption fund.

I have just taken up quilting a few months ago & will be selling and/or raffling them off.   Since I am still new at quilting & learning they do have slight flaws, such as not straight lines,...  Let's just say it is my signature  heehee.   I will also be raffling off other goods that are brand new.

Have a great day &  thank you for taking the time to find out a little about us &  our journey.

Marlene & Tony
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