Alyssa's Page is Closing
(obviously read if you want to know why lol)
I know I said I was just closing to get my new layout up and everything, but in the Long time that I've been away, I've decided to close my site.  It was fun, yeah, but I've just grown out of the whole 'dolls' thing and didn't have much interest in it anymore.  I also just didn't have time to be uploading tons of dolls when I didn't really see a point in it- yeah, sure people would use them and everything, but there is plenty of other doll sites do get them from, also, I stopped having fun making them, and puting the pages together.  I also just need a fresh start, which yes that means I AM going to have a new site.  No dolls though, no way lol. I'm going to get my own domain and put things on it that I actually like doing.  To all of my Sister and Brother Sites- I'm Really sorry about this, 1/2 of your sites are closed down anyways but if you would still like to be a sister/brother site on my new site, I'm thinking about having them on my domain, but if I don't [I actually probably wont :(] then Sorry :( .  I will still leave my main page up for those of you who know the URL for it, I'm going to keep it up until I get my domain.  Well, I've had this site for a while, and thanks to all of you who supported me with it and helped me with it.  Also thanks to my Sister and Brother sites.  And a Big thanks to all the people on my Credits page, you all are the reason my site could even happen. 
Like I said, I am VERY sorry about this, having a doll site just isn't what I want to do anymore.  And for all of the people who came to my site since day one and continued to, sorry :( you're probly the ones who kept me going and made me want to keep my site up.  Well, when I get my new domain I will post the new URL here. Buh Bye!