alice deejay - better off alone

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Welcome to my page feel free to look around ...your sure to find something that will make you laugh and some things to make you wanna cry. I am building this page as a way to express myself and the person i am . (not to mention i only work one day a week i tend to get pretty bored. I'm at a confusing time in my life and  dont mind telling people my story ,how i got where i am today . I will have a link to my online journal which i will update a way to let everyone discover who i am and what happens in my day to day life..thanks for taking the time to get to know me!...
I guess I should start by introducing myself ... My name is Shawna , Im 20 years old . I cant say im a simple person infact im very complicated and have alot to say about the child that i was , the woman i now am , and the woman i want to be.I am origanally from San Antonio Texas now living in colorado awwww the relief(i hated Texas)  ...time...theres still so much.
while i believe firlmly in self expression i also belive that  there is a line to be crossed . To me that line is when you express yourself in a way that hurts someones feelings or well being. We all have that person or people that we just cant stand but cant we just make peace instead of teasing someone because they are different from you or because they dont look as good as you or just because plain and simple your an asshole. We all grew up learning  to treat others  how you want to be treated . Some people just never catch on.
These are the things that make me happy , make me smile , things i look forward to when i wake up everyday:
LIFE!,,family, love,spanking, patches(my dog), music,bud, sex, friends,parties,bongs,girls,
myself, climbing,movies,shopping,camping,
rainbows,kisses,sunny days,smell of rain,food,new things,new people,working out, yoga, swimming,tanning,being a girl