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Hi, my name is DC.  I live in Mesa, AZ with my mom (Sandy).  I was adopted in September of 1999 at a local animal shelter.  I was 2 years old at the time.  Mom went there to get a kitten, but I wouldn't let her!
I was just too darn cute!

The Story Of How I Got My Name
(As Told By My Mom, Sandy)

Ok, I know DC is kind of a weird name, but there is a story to it.  I went to the shelter with a friend of mine, he had no idea how many lost and unwanted animals were in shelters.  As we were looking at the cats and kittens he asked me "What do they do with them if they can't adopt them?"  I told him that most of the time they are put to sleep.  As we were talking about this we were playing with DC, my friend made a joke about the movie "Dead Man Walking", if you have not seen this movie, it is about a man on death row.

DC's full name is "Dead Cat Walking"

Still a weird name, but it fits!!!
Not your normal cat name, but then again, DC is not what you would call a normal cat.  How many cats do you know that like to play in the rain?  DC loves to play in the water when it rains, only bad part is after getting all wet he wants me to pet and cuddle with him.  Guess he has to dry off and I work well as a towel.

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