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Hey YOU!!!

You're on my page now... BAD LUCK!!!
You will have to go through a very hard and boring time, if you want to read everything I wrote and the stuff I'll write in the future...
If you survive it all without having a very depressive day after it, I still won't admire you, bwahahaha! Suffer!

To my true and faithfull friends: Welcome... :)
I love you and I would give my life for you guys!!!
If this was meant for you, you should know it...

This page will give you some information about me and everything I do with my life (it's not that much).. I write lyrics, love metal, punk, alternative music, rock and hardrock, I love animals, try to hang out with my friends as much as possible..

Can't you just start and read the shit I wrote on this site.. Enjoy it or hate it, I really don't care.. Sign my guestbook, or don't.. Screw y' all!

Thank you to my friends, I will always love you guys!!!

Kisses for the coolest people in this world
Buzz off if I don't like you

Roseline *Sweet Devlina*

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I like...
People think they understand
But understanding
Is more than  just knowing
what's wrong