RIP: Gizzy
12th June 1993 to 7th January 2007
Hi Amigo...  My name is Gizmo, and I am a 11 year old Chihuahua born in 1993 down on a farm park in scenic Devon.  I was brought up by my family in Kent.

I am a nutter most of the time, but you can usually find me sleeping under a blanket somewhere in the house.  Yes, just to clarify it, I am a dog and not a rat, rabbit, guinea pig or any other small rodent.

My owner has put some pictures of me below for you to see.  If you would like to leave me a message, be you a furry friend or human, please click on the logo on the right.

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Em@il Gizmo
Gizmo posing at age 9 1/2 years.  Still looking good for her age...
"What's this little gadget your shoving me in front of?"
Gizmo's favourite past time, sleeping and hiding under blankets
"Look, look, I'm begging here!"
"Hmmm, this is a smell I haven't smelt for a long time."
It was a 'snow' go for Gizmo I think...
"This is a little chilly on the belly"
Second try, I think the curiousity got to her.  Either that or she saw Judy already in the garden and didn't want to be left out....
Suddenly adrenlin kicks in.  Gizmo halfway up the garden path up to her elbows in "the cold white stuff"
"I'm going in...  It's too wet and cold for a dog of my status"