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Scroll down for all your favourite characters from Buffy and Angel.

Order of cast Biographies is as follows:-

Alyson Hannigan/Williow Nicholas Brendon/Xander  * Emma Caulfield/Anya  * Amber Benson/Tara * Sarah Michelle Gellar/Buffy * Anthony Stewart Head/Giles  * James Marsters/Spike  * Michelle Trachtenberg/Dawn  * Eliza Dushku/Faith  * Seth Green/Oz  * Marc Blucas/Riley

Angel Cast

David Boreanez/Angel  * Carisma Crapenter/Cordelia  * Jaime Richards/Gunn  * Alexis Denisof/Wesley  * Julie Benz/Darla



   Alyson Hannigan

         Born- March 24th 1974 in Washington, DC  

         Height - 5ft 3inches

         Natural Hair Colour - Red

         Natural Eye Colour - Green

         Distinguishing features - one tattoo on her ankle and one her back.

         Talents/Hobbies - English Football

Likes/Dislikes - Loves old Shirley Temple movies and dolphins.

Alyson got into showbiz from an early age, 4 years old! She mainly appeared in TV. commercials. She moved when she was fourteen for the sake of her acting career to Atlanta. The move seemed worthwhile as she landed her first big role, in My Stepmother is an Alien. Starring opposite Seth Green, in this particular film. But it was her role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer which really shot her to fame.

Willow Rosenberg      

         Born approx. same time as Buffy Summers

         Height - 5ft 3inches

         Hair Colour - Red

         Eye Colour - Green

         Talents/Hobbies - Willow has magical powers and is regarded as a witch, good with computers.

Likes/Dislikes - Likes using her powers to help Buffy and the gang, but doesn't like Anya that much.

Willow's mother and father are Ira and Sheila Rosenberg. They don't seem to be a big part of Willow's life, as Willows mum has only ever made on appearance on Buffy The vampire Slayer. She's Jewish and has She's known Xander the whole of her life. Willow excels in school, and is an extremely bright student. After Jenny Calender's death she began to experiment in the Black Arts, and found she has a talent for it. She previously dated Oz, the werewolf. Now she's also at UC Sunnydale, with Buffy, and has a new love interest, in fellow wicca Tara.  

Nicholas Brendon Shultz

         Born April 12th 1971 in Los Angeles

         Height - 5ft 11inches

         Natural Hair Colour - Brown

         Natural Eye Colour - Hazel

         Distinguishing Features - A twin!

Talents/Hobbies - Baseball, basketball and camping

Main aim in life was to play professional baseball. But he broke his arm during a game, which is when he decided to quit that and take up acting. His first acting job was in a Clearasil commercial, however this didn't take him any further to Hollywood stardom, so he got a job as a production assistant for Dave's World. Soon after this he auditioned for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and got the part. And the rest is history.


Alexander LaVelle Harris

         Born in Sunnydale, same time as Buffy and Willow.

         Height - 5ft 11inches

         Hair Colour - Brown 

         Eye Colour - Hazel

Talents/ Hobbies - Is a "Demon Magnet" and always helps Buffy when needed.


Not much is known about Xander's parents, except that the family as a whole is quite disruptive. He and Willow have been friends since they were very young. In the first episode his best friend Jess was killed by Xander due to his transformation into a vampire. When Buffy first arrived at Sunnydale High, he was very attracted to her, but he turned her down. This is very much the same for most of poor Xander's love life. Including the She - Mantis, Inca Mummy Girl, Faith, and Cordelia. Xander and Cordelia had been going out for a while, but was caught kissing Willow, and Cordelia inadvertently dumped him. Now he's going out with ex - demon Anyanka (Anya). Xander isn't the ideal student, however he did manage to graduate from high school, but did not get in to college. So now he does odd jobs with Anya, earning his keep. Xander is often known as the comedian on Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  

    Emma Caulfield

         Born April 8th in San Diego

         Natural hair Colour - Brown

         Natural Eye Colour - Brown

Talents/Hobbies - Has a degree in psychology


Emma has had a few small roles in some American soaps, however she decided to put the acting on hold for a while, at least until she got her degree in psychology. Emma enjoys playing the part of Anya, but is not sure whether she wants to spend her whole life acting, but for now lets hope that her career in Buffy the Vampire Slayer carries on.


         Born about 1120 years ago

         Age - 1120

         Hair Colour - Red/Brown

         Eye Colour - Brown

         Talents/Hobbies - Used to practice vengeance spells on unfaithful men. 

Anyanka began practicing vengeance spells when she got dumped. D'Hoffryn is the demon who made Anyanka into a vengeance demon. So throughout the many years that she was this demon she granted wishes to women who's men had been unfaithful. Anyanka went to Sunnydale when Xander had been unfaithful to Cordelia, however in the alternate reality which Cordelia had wished for Anyanka lost her powers when Giles smashed her power centre. So now she's plain old Anya

         Amber Benson

         Born January 8th 1977 in Birmingham, Alabama

         Height - 5ft 4inches

         Natural Hair Colour - Brown

         Natural Eye Colour - Blue

         Talents/Hobbies - Ice skating and soccer

As a teenager Amber worked in her local community theatres were she gained plenty of acting experience. Amber was so serious about acting that she and her family moved to Los Angeles to further her acting career. She's appeared in many movies, and hopefully her career will keep on rising. 


         Height - 5ft 4inches

         Hair Colour - Blonde

         Eye Colour - Blue

         Talents/Hobbies - Is a witch, and has great powers.

Likes/Dislikes - Likes her cat, Miss Kittyfantastico.

Tara's such a new character not a lot is know about her. Like herself her grandmother and mother were witches and Tara seems to have a particular talent at witchcraft, she shares this interest with Willow. Her and Willow are involved in a relationship. Although she has been present at many of the Scooby Gang meetings she feels unaccepted by the gang.

   Sarah Michelle Gellar

         Born April 14th 1977 in New York City

         Height - 5ft 3inches

         Natural hair colour - Dark brown

         Natural eye colour - Green

         Distinguishing features - Tattoos are the main ones, she has one on her lower back, both ankles and left hip. 

Talents/Hobbies - Ice skating, kick boxing and Tae Kwon Do.

Sarah Michelle Gellar started the road to stardom at just 4 years old. Sarah has appeared in numerous commercials, one with Seth Green (Oz). She got her first big break on a daytime movie called An Invasion of Privacy. This led to many other roles on TV and in some movies. Sarah really got going on the rocky road to stardom when she won a daytime Emmy in 1993, for the role of Kendall Hart, in All My Children. Sarah originally auditioned for the role of Cordelia in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but she was chosen for the role of Buffy! Now she has been in numerous films.

Buffy Anne Summers

         Born January 1981

         Height - 5ft 3inches

         Hair Colour - Blonde

         Eye Colour - Green

         Talents/Hobbies - Ice skating, slaying and "Bronzing".

After burning down her old school Buffy and her mother moved to Sunnydale for a new start, Buffy hoped to regain her life as a normal teenager. Little was she to know that Sunnydale is centred on a Hellmouth! this was the start of all her troubles, she has to mix slaying with trying to be a normal human being. As well as all of this Buffy has not been lucky in love. She has fallen in love with Angel the vampire with a soul and taken that soul away from him with one moment of true happiness. Is currently dating Riley part of the initiative, a group which tried to kill her!

          Anthony Stewart Head

         Born February 20th 1954 in Camden Town, in UK

         Natural Hair Colour - Brown

         Natural Eye Colour - Hazel

Talents/Hobbies - Watching American Soaps, singing, horse riding and swimming

Anthony got his first break playing Jesus in a musical called "Godspell". Followed by playing a transvestite in "The Rocky Horror Show". However most people recognise him from the Nescafe Gold Blend commercials which he did. He has two children by his long-term girlfriend who live in England, he makes the long trips from America to England Whenever possible and spend all his spare time with his family. He will be appearing in England this year on Silent Witness, and hopes for other British parts so he can be close to his family, but plans at least another two years working on Buffy. 

Rupert Giles        

         Age - approx. 45

         Hair Colour - Brown

         Eye Colour - Hazel

Talents/Hobbies - Playing guitar, singing learning about demons and ancient languages.

Giles was born to a family of Slayers in England. He attended Oxford University but dropped out when his interest in the occult began to grow. He fell in with a bad crowd that included Ethan Raine, were he got his nickname of 'Ripper'. He finally decided to become a Watcher when the groups taste for possessing demons became too much to handle. Giles made his entrance to Buffy the Vampire Slayer as the English Sunnydale High librarian. As well as being Buffy's watcher Giles provides her with the much needed paternal figure as well as friend and mentor. Giles unfortunately has not been lucky in love, his girlfriend Jenny Calendar was brutally murdered by Angelus, which left him distraught. He has an English girlfriend but as of yet we don't know much about her. Although no longer Buffy's official watcher old habits die hard. He is still a much needed figure in the Scooby Gang and continues to consult his books bringing a world of enlightenment to them all.

James Wesley Marsters

         Born August 20th 1969 in Greenville California

         Natural Hair Colour - Brown

         Natural Eye Colour - Brown

         Distinguishing Features - the many scars that he has, eyebrow and leg

Talents/Hobbies - Playing guitar, writing, singing and painting.

James is American, but with a classy British accent, coached by none other that Anthony Head. He began work in theater, after attending and acting school. James has always wanted to be an actor. In recent interviews he says he loves working on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and loves the stunts, but also has not forgotten about his work in theaters, which he also loves.

William the Bloody/Spike

         Born approx. 130 years ago

         Age - Approx. 130

         Hair Colour - Blonde

         Eye Colour - Brown

         Distinguishing Features - Bleach blonde hair, scar on eyebrow and he's a vampire

         Talents/Hobbies - Torturing people,

Likes/Dislikes - Hates the Slayer and her Scooby Gang.

Spike made a big entrance in Season 2 of Buffy with his sire Drusilla by killing the Anointed one. Spike is a quite old and powerful vampire, he has already killed two slayers and was part of the Darla, Angelus, Drusilla team who reeked havoc wherever they went. He got his name Spike for the way he used to torture his victims ( we'll leave that part to the imagination.) Spikes love life was left in shatters after Drusilla left him, he returned to Sunnydale in shatters. but he still know to attract the ladies. ( Harmony) On his return to Sunnydale however he was implanted with a chip in his brain by the initiative and can no longer hurt mortals. Recently we have seen Spike helping the Scooby gang, but don't worry I'm sure Spike will be back to his old ways soon enough.

Michelle Trachtenberg

         Born - October 11th 1985 in New York

         Natural Hair Colour - Golden brown

         Natural Eye Colour - Blue

Height - 5ft

Michelle started acting at the tender age of 3 years old working on a commercial for Whisk Detergent. Michelle Trachtenberg's first success was her role on Nickelodeon's "Pete & Pete". She then moved onto doing a Nickelodeon movie called "Harriet the Spy" with Rosie O'Donnelle. Michelle was played Harriet. Another movie part came into Michelle's life playing Inspector Gadget's niece in the movie "Inspector Gadget". She is allegedly a big Buffy fan.

Dawn Summers       

         Hair Colour - Golden brown

         Eye Colour - Blue

Height - 5ft

Dawn appears from nowhere in the new Season of Buffy the vampire Slayer as Buffy's sister. although we know that Dawn is not really  Buffy's sister, she is the key and has been placed in Buffy's life to be protected by a brethren of monks who turned dawn from energy into a real human being. Buffy and Giles know the truth but dawn does not. we have yet to discover really how important dawn, the key is.

            Eliza Dushku

         Born December 30th 1980

         Natural Hair Colour - Brown

         Natural Eye Colour - Brown

         Talents/Hobbies - Singing, Tae - Bo, yoga and dancing. 

Eliza was brought up Mormon, in Massachusetts. She started the rocky road to fame when she got her first film role in The Night, and has continued to get small roles in numerous films. Eliza describes herself as a tomboy, but the way she acts so well on screen nobody would ever know.


         Born in Boston.

         Hair colour - Brown

         Eye Colour - Brown

         Talents/Hobbies - She's a talented Slayer

Dislikes - Being very unhappy, she doesn't like her life very much.


Faith was called as a slayer after Kendra was slain by Drusilla. She arrived in Sunnydale after fleeing a Kakisto demon who killed her watcher. She quickly gained a reputation for being unruly, becoming to emotional when fighting, leading to the deputy mayors death. She became known as a rouge Slayer after killing the mayors acomplis Mr. Trick and asking to fill in for him, thus turning to the dark side. She became increasingly jealous of Buffy's life, this became obvious when she tried to kill Angel. Buffy stopped her by putting her in an eight month coma. When she awoke Faith was full of rage and went to seek revenge on Buffy. After learning a little about herself and failing on her mission she fled to L.A. here she was hired by Wolfram and Hart to kill Angel, but Angel made her realise the errors of her ways and it was she who was asking for death. Angel persuaded her to turn herself into the police and she is currently in jail.

             Seth Green

         Born February 8th 1974 in Philadelphia

         Height - 5ft 4inches

         Natural Hair Colour - Red

         Natural Eye Colour - Green

         Distinguishing Features - Spikey red hair

     Talents/Hobbies - Film making


Seth Green started his career in doing commercials at a very young age. Starring alongside Alyson Hannigan in 1988, in the film My Stepmother's an Alien. He originally had a part in the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer film, however his part as one of the vampires was cut out of the film. Seth wasn't famous until after Austin Powers and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 


Daniel Osborne                       

         Height - 5ft 4inches

         Hair Colour - Depends on how he feels, multicoloured

         Eye Colour - Green

         Distinguishing Features - A werewolf  

Talents/Hobbies - Played in a band, "Dingoes Ate my Babies"

Oz made his entrance as part of the band Dingoes ate my babies, but of course things aren't always as they seem. After starting a relationship with Willow the gang found out he was a werewolf. Willow overcame this set back and the two remained together for quite a while. Disaster struck when Oz followed his animal instincts an became attracted to a female werewolf, whilst in a fight with the afore mentioned he nearly killed Willow. He realised that it was not safe for him to be around her and left Sunnydale, leaving Willow heartbroken. He later returned to Sunnydale a changed man, able to control the animal inside of him. Willow however had started a new relationship and this time it was Oz who left Sunnydale heartbroken.

              Marc Blucas

         Born January 11th 1972 in Girad Pennsylvania

         Height - 6ft 2inches

         Natural Hair Colour - Dark blonde

         Natural Eye Colour - Hazel

          Talents/Hobbies - Basketball

Marc dreamed of being a sports star, a basketball player. He did really well, and won an award for his effort, but didn't hit the big time in the USA, but did play in the UK for the Manchester Giants. He was going to attend law school but realised that he really wanted to be an actor, and got several small roles in several films. Soon he auditioned for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and got the part of "Riley Finn". He is now a regular in the Buffy cast, and part of the Scooby Gang.

Riley Finn                                               

         Born in Huxley, in Iowa.

         Height - 6ft 2inches

         Hair Colour - Dark blonde

         Eye Colour - Hazel

         Talents/Hobbies - Demon hunter

Riley is a born and raised Iowa boy. He used to help out Professor Maggie Walsh and was part of the underground government organisation called The Initiative. But things began to fall apart when Riley realised that the group wasn't totally moral after an attempt on Buffy's life and the creation of Adam. He's now an ex-commando. He and Buffy are currently going out. He helps out the Scooby's in the crisis's which they often have.

                   David Boreanaz

         Born May 16th 1971 in Buffalo, New York

         Height - 6ft 1inch

         Natural Hair Colour - Brown

         Natural Eye Colour - Brown

         Distinguishing Features - Stunning good looks

Likes/Dislikes - Loves his dog, Bertha Blue.

David had a hard time starting off in show business. His first role was a small part in Married...with Children. But to get some money coming in he had to do odd jobs, like panting, door-to-door selling and parking cars. His luck changed when he was spotted walking his dog, Bertha Blue, by the casting director of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He auditioned, and got the part of Angel. Now David has his own show, Angel, which he works on with Charisma Carpenter and Alexis Denisof. It's not only David who's on TV in his family, his father is a weatherman on TV.


         Born in 1727 as a human called Liam in Galway, Ireland, Born as a vampire in 1753

         Age - 246/247

         Height - 6ft 1inch

         Hair Colour - Brown

         Eye Colour - Brown

         Distinguishing Features - Tattoo on back

         Talents/Hobbies - As Angelus, torturing, but now saving people's lives.

Angel was originally known as Liam in his mortal life, he drank constantly and a bit of a ladies man. Darla spotted him and thought what a perfect vampire he would make and sired him, Angelus was born. Angelus became a cruel and remorseless vampire, killing for fun. In about 1860 he met a girl, Drusilla. He killed her family, and this slowly sent her to insanity. Then as a final stab, turned her into a vampire. His killing spree carried on, but came to a sudden stop in 1898, when he killed a Gypsy daughter. The tribe was enraged and so cursed Angelus, by returning his human soul. In 1900 Angel tried to convince Darla that he was still a vampire, capable of killing humans. But all he could kill were rapist, murderers, thieves and scoundrels. Darla found this disgusting and the evil band of Angelus, Darla, Drusilla and Spike split. In the mid 1990's Angel met Whistler, a not so evil demon. Whistler showed Buffy to Angel. Angel had finally found a reason for living in Buffy and commited himsel to helping her. Angel and Buffy grew closer and closer together, and they fell in love. On Buffy's 17th birthday Buffy and Angel made love, giving him a moment of true happiness, this made Angel lose his soul and revert back to Angelus a very evil and cunning vampire. Angelus awakened a demon called Acathla, who would swallow the world into hell. The only way to close this portal was with Angel's blood. Buffy did this, she killed Angel. A few months later Angel returned, and him and Buffy grew close, but  realised it could never be, so he skipped town and now lives in Los Angeles. He, Cordelia, Gunn and Wesley are part of Angel Investigations, they "help the helpless".  

               Charisma Carpenter

         Born July 23rd 1970 in Las Vegas, Nevada

         Height - 5ft 7inches

         Natural Hair Colour - Brown

         Natural Eye Colour - Hazel

         Distinguishing Features - She seems to have some tattoos

Talents/Hobbies - Dancing, hiking, rock-climbing, horse riding and rollerblading. 

Charisma had a pretty normal up bringing, she graduated in 1988, from the Chula Vista High School of Creative and Performance Arts. At first Charisma appeared in many commercials, and eventually she appeared on an episode of Baywatch. She soon auditioned for the role of Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but also read for the part of Cordelia. She got the part of Cordelia, and now works on the show Angel, with David Boreanaz and Alexis Denisof. 

Cordelia Chase                                      

         Born in Sunnydale

         Height - 5ft 7inches

         Hair Colour - Brown

         Eye Colour - Hazel

         Talents/Hobbies - Is an "up and coming star" in Los Angeles

Cordelia ruled Sunnydale High School. She had her own little group known as the "cordettes". She was extremely popular, was member of the cheerleading squad and won pretty much every beauty and popularity related contest. She regarded Xander, Willow and Buffy as losers and she was pretty nasty to them. That is until she began dating Xander Harris, and became a part of the Scooby Gang. Her secret with Xander finally emerged, and her "cordettes" didn't want to hang out with her anymore. So she dumped Xander, but then realised that her so-called friends were just sheep, and she continued dating Xander, no matter what her friends thought. But Cordelia and Oz found Xander and Willow kissing, when they were about to be rescued by Cordelia and Oz. Cordelia was mortified and never got back with Xander, unlike Oz and Willow. Cordelia is surprising clever for the way she acts, and got accepted into numerous colleges. However it seemed that her father had not been paying the taxes for around twelve years, so Cordelia could not attend any college. This lead her to Los Angeles to become a rich and famous actress. This was harder than it seemed, and she wound up working for Angel, fighting demons.

      Jaime Augusto Richards III

  • Born - August 28th 1973, in Claifornia

  • Height - 6ft 3inches

  • Natural Hair Colour - Black

  • Natural Eye Colour - Brown

Jaime trained at the University of Southern California and has appeared in countless TV shows, such as Moesha, Sliders and The West Wing. He's set to be a regular in Angel from Season 2 onwards

Charles Gunn                                 

  • Height - 6ft 3inches

  • Hair Colour - Black

  • Eye Colour - Brown

Gunn, a young vampire hunter. Living on the streets looking after his fellow hunters, who aren't much older than him. After an ongoing fight with local vampires his sister got turned and he was forced to stake her. He then gave Angel a hand on two occasions, against Wolfram & Hart. Since then he's become one of Angel's main men in the fighting area. Now on the pay roll he is a fully fledged member o the A-Team. After facing many of his personal demons he faces demons alongside Angel, Cordelia and Wesley.  

                 Alexis Denisof

         Natural Hair Colour - Brown

Natural Eye Colour - Brown

Alexis was born in USA, and spent most of his time there. He attended a boarding school in New Hampshire. after he graduated he went to London training at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. He spent a further 15 years in the UK, before heading back to the USA. Alexis has appeared in Randall and Hopkirk and Terminal Velocity, as well as on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

Wesley Wyndam - Pryce       

         Hair Colour - Brown

         Eye Colour - Brown

Distinguishing Features - A strong and patriotic British accent

We were first introduced to Wesley in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as Buffy and Faith's new Watcher. But after Buffy quit the Council and Faith had gone to the darkside, he was fired. Not much was seen of him for a while, until in Los Angeles he was tracking a demon, and bumped into Angel, so they worked together. When he was fired from the council he became a Rogue Demon Hunter. But working with Angel and Cordelia may have appealed to his life style slightly more. He worked with Angel for a while, until Angel decided to hire him, so that he became a paid employee. There have been hints that he may have had some family trouble as a child, especially with his father. Since then he's been fighting the bad guys with Angel, Gunn and Cordelia.

               Julie Benz

         Natural Hair Colour - Blonde

         Natural Eye Colour - Brown

Julie competed in the 1988 U.S. Championships in junior ice dancing with David Schilling, placing 13th. Her older sister and brother, Jennifer and Jeffrey, were the 1987 U.S. Junior Champions in ice dancing and competed internationally. Was once ranked the number 12 ice skater in the United States. She auditioned for the role in Eyes Wide Shut, and was called for a second audition but decided against it when she heard that she would have to go topless. Julie has lost tow roles to Sarah Michelle Gellar. the first being the part of Kendall Hart on All My Children and the second being the part of Buffy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is now married to Jon Kassir, who is the voice from Tales from The Crypt. Julie's role as Darla is meant to be a recurring role in season 2 of Angel.


         Age - Not known, but older that Angel, about 400 years old.

         Hair Colour - Blonde

         Eye Colour - Brown

Current Residence - Wolfram & Hart, LA.

Darla was first seen as The Master's "pet", his favourite vampire. She was the one who sired Angelus. Angelus and Darla grew very close together. Then after Darla gave Angelus a gypsy girl to feed off, Angelus' soul returned. Darla threw him out of their happy home. Angel was the one who killed her first. Now she is seen being forth from hell by Wolfram & Hart to track down Angel once again. Darla tracks down Angel, and wants him to turn her back into a vampire, saying that a heartbeat is a curse. Angel views it as a gift and so refuses to go along with it and Darla is back out in the real world as a human.