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Have you missed an episode of Buffy or just want to recap what happened in a certain episode? This is the place to do it. 

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Episode 1 -"Welcome to The Hellmouth"
The very first episode starts where the film finished, Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and her mum (Kristine Sutherland) move to Sunnydale, for a fresh start. Buffy thinks that she can put the role of the slayer behind her but is sadly mistaken. Buffy quickly makes friends and enemies at her new school. While also meeting her new "Watcher," Giles (Anthony Stewart Head), who poses in the school as a librarian right on top of the local hellmouth. Buffy and her new friends begin the fight against evil in Sunnydale.

Episode 2- ' The Harvest'                                                                  Second Part of ‘Welcome to the Hellmouth’ Here we see the master and his minions launch there first attack to bring evil to Sunnydale. It’s down to Buffy and her newly found friends to stop him.

Episode 3-' The Witch'                                                                             Its time for cheerleading tryouts at Sunnydale High, but Buffy realizes something strange is going on when the wannabe cheerleaders start combusting, going blind and losing the power of speech. It all points to a witch. Buffy herself soon becomes the target of a deadly spell as they discover the witch's true identity. Xander with his usual impeccable timing gets up the nerve to ask Buffy out but Buffy’s reaction isn’t the one he planned for.

Episode 4- "Teachers Pet"                                                               Xander becomes infatuated with the new substitute teacher at Sunnydale High. For the first time this woman doesn’t laugh in his face. But there is something more than meets the eye to the new object of Xander’s affection as Buffy soon finds out.

Episode 5-" Never Kill a Boy On The First Date"                          

As Buffy desperately tries to lead a normal teenage social life by going on a hot date instead of helping Giles protect Sunnydale a violent vampire prophecy is coming into play. Buffy ignores the signs of the dark forces aligning against her. While Buffy's being romanced instead of carrying out her duty as the slayer, The Master (guest star Mark Metcalf) is plotting her demise by invoking the wrath of the "Anointed One," The Master's most powerful weapon against the slayer.

Episode 6- "The Pack"     When Buffy and the rest of Sunnydale High endure the annual field trip to the zoo, Xander and some other kids sneak into the quarantined hyena exhibit ,its safe to say they are not quite themselves when they return. Buffy, Giles and Willow try to discover the cause behind Xander's bizarre behavior and reverse the transformation before it's too late.

When Buffy and the rest of Sunnydale High endure the annual field trip to the zoo, Xander and some other kids sneak into the quarantined hyena exhibit ,its safe to say they are not quite themselves when they return. Buffy, Giles and Willow try to discover the cause behind Xander's bizarre behavior and reverse the transformation before it's too late.

Episode 7-"Angel"
 Although Buffy grows more and more annoyed with Angel's mysterious disappearing act, she can't help the attraction she feels towards this mysterious tall, dark and handsome stranger. While Buffy is nursing her obsession towards angel Xander is frustrated that Buffy doesn’t know about his obsession towards her. He turns to Willow, who knows all too well how he feels. The Master grows more and more angry at how Buffy has taken the lives of so many of his minions and he plans revenge.

Episode 8-"I, Robot -- You, Jane"
Willow finds love on the internet, unfortunately this guy is a demon who has been trapped for thousands of years. Its up to Buffy, Giles and Xander to send this demon into outer space.

Episode 9-"The Puppet Show"
Its time for Sunnydale High School's annual talent show. The new principal is a discipline-loving brute who forces Giles  to run the talent show and orders Buffy, Xander and Willow  to perform while having to find the fiend who is stealing human body parts.

Episode 10-"Nightmares"
Everyone faces there greatest fears as nightmares become reality in Sunnydale. Xander comes to school in his underwear and Giles is unable to read, Buffy must unravel the mystery before reality folds completely into the world of nightmares. 

Episode 11-"Invisible Girl"
Cordelia and everyone around her is targeted by an invisible spirit. Cordelia and Buffy are forced to work together to combat this foe. Angel goes to Giles to warn him that Buffy could be in grave danger.

Episode12-"Prophecy Girl"
Giles uncovers a secret prophecy spelling out the death of the slayer, this forces Buffy to take a step back and decide whether she really wants to be the slayer as the Master's ascension from the Hellmouth is at hand. As the earth begins to crack open, Xander , Willow  and Cordelia  face an army of demons and the prophetic end of the world.  


Series 2

Episode 1-"When She Was Bad"
 When Buffy returns home to Sunnydale after a spending the summer away, but she is becoming increasingly cold and distant. Cordelia and Sunnydale High teacher Ms. Calendar are kidnapped and Buffy goes on a mission and believes that the fight with the undead is hers alone. Still reluctant to risk getting close to Angel, Buffy turns him away before either one can express his or her true feelings

Episode 2-"Some Assembly Required"
 When the body parts of dead girls are discovered missing from their graves, Buffy  and her posse discover that the parts are being used to create the perfect woman, with the final touch being Cordelia's head. Meanwhile, Giles  finally musters the nerve to ask fellow teacher Ms. Calendar  out on a date and Angel  admits his jealousy over the amount of time Buffy spends with Xander .

Episode 3-"School Hard"
 When parent-teacher night is interrupted by uninvited guests, Buffy  must protect her fellow students, the principal and her mother while keeping her secret. Meanwhile, Angel's  old friends, Spike and Drusilla visit Sunnydale for The Night Of Saint Vigeous - the holy night of attack. 

Episode 4-"Inca Mummy Girl"
 Buffy and Giles  are suspicious of Ampata), a Peruvian exchange student staying at Buffy's house, when a fellow student goes missing during a school field trip to the Natural History Museum and a broken Peruvian pictogram-cover plate is found in his place. Meanwhile, after Xander  falls head over heels for Ampata, he faces certain death when his love interest is revealed to be an ancient mummy who must kill to stay alive.

Episode 5-"Reptile Boy"
 Buffy  and Cordelia  become unlikely party pals when at a fraternity bash they are offered as human sacrifices to Machida, a horrible half-man, half-snake creature.

Episode 6-"Halloween"
 Buffy , Willow  and Xander  are recruited by Principal Snyder to trick-or-treat with the neighborhood kids, but the night doesn't turn out as they had planned when Buffy's costume causes her to lose her slaying ability and the other kids transform into their costume characters. Meanwhile, when Giles  begins to paste together the night's events, he learns that it's his past that is making this a very haunted Halloween.

Episode 7-"Lie To Me"
 Buffy's  fifth grade flame, Billy "Ford" Fordham unexpectedly arrives in Sunnydale with one motive: to deliver Buffy to Spike  in exchange for the immortal life of a vampire. Meanwhile, Buffy and Angel  confront their feelings for each other and Angel owns up to his past relationship with Drusilla

Episode 8-"The Dark Age"
 Giles'  quiet existence in Sunnydale is jeopardized when a murder victim, who is found to be linked to Giles' past, is discovered on the steps of the school library. Meanwhile, when the Mark of Eyghon  a demon that takes possession of a dead host takes over Ms. Calendar, Buffy  and Angel  discover the one way to save her soul.

Episode 9-"What's My Line?" (pt. 1)
 In part one of a two-part episode, Buffy  and Angel  finally go out on their first date; Angel sets out to hunt down his rival, Spike, however, unbeknownst to Angel, Spike and his new recruits are determined to capture him in hopes of helping the frail Drusilla and Buffy encounters her new ally, Kendra

Episode 10-"What's My Line?" (pt. 2)
 In this conclusion of a two-part episode, Buffy  reluctantly confronts Kendra the new vampire slayer, only to find that the two are polar opposites in every way. Much to Buffy's chagrin, she must join forces with Kendra to save the man who means the most to her Angel . Meanwhile, with Buffy on the hunt, Xander  and Cordelia  are left to wait at Buffy's home where they have a close encounter of their own kind

Episode 11- "Ted"
 The whole gang falls for Buffy's  mom's  new boyfriend, Ted, "Three's Company") Ñ everyone, that is, except Buffy, who suspects there may be more to him than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Giles  tries to repair his relationship with Ms. Calendar  after her near-death experience with a demon; and still reluctant to let anyone know about their romantic involvement, Xander and Cordelia  continue to hide their rendezvous from their friends.

Episode 12-"Bad Eggs"
 Buffy  and the gang are introduced to parenting through a school assignment that takes a very rotten turn. Meanwhile, two wild west vampires come to town hunting for Buffy. At the same time, romance is in the air when Buffy and Angel  continue to rendezvous and Xander  and Cordelia  keep their liaison in the closet. 

Episode 13-"Surprise"
 The fate of the world is at stake when Spike  and Drusilla gather the dismembered body parts of The Judge Ñ a demon with a deadly touch Ñ from the ends of the earth as their ultimate weapon to extinguish The Slayer . Meanwhile, Angel's  ability to feel human emotion is in jeopardy when he and Buffy share an intimate moment which threatens to destroy his soul. "Innocence"
 After Buffy  shares an intimate moment with Angel  which extinguishes his human soul, she is left with the realization that she must destroy the now-evil Angel who has transformed into his previous persona of Angelus. Meanwhile, Giles'  relationship with Jenny takes on a new twist when he discovers that she is a member of the gypsy family who gave Angel his human soul, and Willow's  hopes of a relationship with Xander  are dashed when she discovers Xander and Cordelia's  secret romance.

Episode 14-"Phases"
 When a werewolf descends upon the city of Sunnydale, it is up to Buffy  and the gang to protect the mostly-human being from an evil poacher  who is hunting the animal for sport. Meanwhile, much to Xander's  dismay, Willow  turns her romantic interests to Oz (guest star Seth Green), unaware of the danger she is about to face.

Episode 15-"Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered"
 When Cordelia  succumbs to peer pressure and breaks off her tryst with Xander , on Valentine's Day, he convinces a witch  to put a spell on Cordelia which will make her fall in love with him. But when the spell backfires, the women in Sunnydale, except Cordelia, and including Buffy  and Drusilla begin to see Xander in a whole new light.

Episode 16-"Passion"
 Angel's  obsession with tormenting Buffy  takes a dangerous turn when he starts edging closer to her heart - and home, forcing Buffy to have a serious talk with her mom. Meanwhile, Jenny  is doing everything in her power to right her wrongs, especially the one with Giles .

Episode 17-"Killed By Death"
 Buffy  is admitted to the hospital with a raging fever where she encounters a young child who brings with him nightmares of Buffy's past and present. Meanwhile, a jealous Cordelia  looks on as Xander  protects a weakened Buffy from Angel's fury.

Episode 18-"I Only Have Eyes For You"
 Buffy  encounters a tortured spirit haunting the halls of Sunnydale High and recruits her friends to help the bitter spirit in its quest for peace. Meanwhile, Giles  is filled with anguish when he believes the spiritual being is Jenny trapped and trying to impart a final message to him from the beyond.

Episode 19-"Go Fish"
 When a monster starts preying on members of the high school swim team, Buffy  takes it upon herself to become the protector of the star players. Meanwhile, Xander  goes undercover to discover the truth about the missing teammates and ends up revealing a rarely seen side of himself.

Episode 20-"Becoming (Part One of a Two-Part Season Finale)"
A web of conspiracy, suspense and heart break surround the second season finale of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Buffy  determines the time has come to destroy Angel  and must ascertain if she is ready to sacrifice all she knows to be true to do so, but her decision is further entangled when Willow  uncovers the secret that may restore Buffy's former beloved. Elsewhere, Angel chooses to unearth an evil demon that could swallow the earth and all of the beings, rather than return to the arms of his former lover

Episode 21-"Becoming (Part Two of a Two-Part Season Finale)"
 The suspense continues as hell prepares to swallow the world and Buffy  is left alone to stop it. With Giles  in the hands of the enemy and Angel  primed for destruction, our slayer is forced into some treacherous alliances and faced with life-changing decisions  

Series 3

Episode 1-"Anne"
Trying to escape who she is, Buffy  finds herself in a city far from home where she is forced to once again face her destiny to battle a demonic force threatening inner-city kids living on the streets. Back in Sunnydale at the onset of senior year, Willow , Xander , Cordelia  and Oz try to keep the vampire population in check without getting themselves killed, while Giles  searches for leads on Buffy's whereabouts. 

Episode 2-"Dead Man's Party"
After months of being away, Buffy  finds life back in Sunnydale less than welcoming with Xander  and Willow  involved in their own romantic twosomes and Principal Snyder  sticking to his guns about expelling her from school. Despite the awkward reunion, the gang must try to come together to face a new undead threat. 

Episode 3-"Faith, Hope & Trick"
Just as Buffy  tries to return to her normal life of going to school, hanging out with friends and saving the world, she is faced with the arrival of an ancient, cloven-hoofed villain  and his blood-sucking sidekick, Mr. Trick. Another new Sunnydale arrival, Faith (, helps Buffy in her battle against the unspeakable demons and ingratiates herself into every aspect of Buffy's life. 

Episode 4-"Beauty and the Beasts"
When a Sunnydale High student is found savagely mauled in the woods, Willow  fears that Oz in werewolf mode might somehow be responsible for the violent murder. Meanwhile, Buffy  secretly discovers that Angel  has returned after 100 years of hellish torture, and she suspects that he is the murderous culprit, 

Episode 5-"Homecoming"
With Cordelia  flaunting her sure win in the race for Homecoming Queen, she awakens the Prom Queen from within Buffy , who tries to enlist the entire gang to help her show Cordy how it's done, but some of their allegiances may be elsewhere. Meanwhile, the blood-sucking Mr. Trick assembles a host of killers in Sunnydale for a thrilling hunt to the death to bring down the two slayers 

Episode 6-"Band Candy"
Buffy  is forced to grow up even faster when Mr. Trick executes a devious plot to render the town defenseless by causing Sunnydale's adult population to inexplicably behave as irresponsible adolescents. Meanwhile, Buffy struggles to keep Angel's  return and recovery a secret while her mom  and Giles  conspire to schedule her 24 hours a day

Episode 7-"Revelations"
Tempers run hot when the gang learns of Angel's  return and Buffy's  harboring this vicious killer, but they all must band together to fight a demon who has arrived in Sunnydale in search of a highly powerful weapon. Meanwhile, Faith meets her new watcher, a brisk Englishwoman who is disdainful of Giles'  haphazard operations. 

Episode 8-"Lovers Walk"
Just as Buffy  enjoys a minute to revel in her S.A.T. scores and ponder her bright future, the underworld version of Sid Vicious, Spike, returns to Sunnydale a fallen man, a pathetic shell of his former self who has been left in the dust by his love Drusilla and is back to punish every one who is to blame, especially Angel . Meanwhile, Willow  prepares a de-lusting spell to keep her and Xander's  hormones in check during a double bowling date with Cordelia  and Oz 

Episode 9-"The Wish"
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned-Cordelia , wanting to be rid of all things Xander  and his spooky entourage, decides that all of her troubles started when Buffy  moved to Sunnydale and wishes that historic event never actually happened. Not knowing that a an evil genie would grant her fateful wish, Cordelia is transported into an altered reality in which the Hellmouth is open and The Master  is alive and ruling, with Willow  and Xander as his undead minions. 

Episode 10- "Amends"
As Buffy  and her friends make plans for a quiet Christmas vacation, Angel  is haunted by visions of his violent, demonic past, including the ghost of Jenny Calendar. Meanwhile, Willow  goes to great, seductive lengths to try to convince Oz  that he is the one for her; and Xander  painfully adjusts to his life without Cordelia .

Episode 11-"Gingerbread"
Picking the worst possible night for a surprise "mother-daughter bonding" visit with Buffy , Joyce is haunted by the discovery of two murdered children and feels compelled to take drastic action. When Giles  suggests that the killings appear to be an occult sacrifice, Joyce rallies the entire adult population of Sunnydale behind a Salem-like witch hunt, leading the murderous mob directly to Willow  and Buffy

Episode 12-"Helpless"
For her upcoming 18th birthday, Buffy  eschews her friends' offer of a big party, hoping to celebrate with quiet reflection and a traditional trip to the ice show with her father. But unbeknownst to Buffy, preparations are being made for a life-threatening rite of passage that drains the slayer of her powers and then entraps her with a powerful vampire foe that she must defeat in a defenseless state in order to pass the test.

Episode 13-"The Zeppo"
Xander's  lack of slaying superpowers has him feeling painfully expendable, but his quest to prove he's cool leads him to an unforgettable night that finds him consorting with fast women, raising the dead and rolling with a dangerous crowd that could put Sunnydale in a world of hurt. Meanwhile, Buffy , Giles  and the rest of the crew engage in a furious battle with an all-female apocalypse cult that intends to reopen the Hellmouth and bring about the end of the world

Episode 14- "Bad Girls"
A taste of the wild life leaves Buffy  wanting more, and while Sunnydale is being inhabited by a long-dead demon and his vampire minions, Buffy follows Faith  into her irresponsible world of reckless slaying abandon. Meanwhile, Giles  fights to maintain his sanity in the face of the pompous and stuffy new watcher, while Willow , Xander  and Oz  ponder their options for life after high school.

Episode 15-"Consequences"
Buffy  is haunted by the consequences of her and Faith's reckless behavior as she battles with Faith's apparent lack of remorse to keep her from continuing on her destructive path. Meanwhile, the new watcher Wesley  overrides Giles'  objections and instructs Buffy and Faith to get to the bottom of the recent murder, while the Mayor  and Trick are thrilled by the possibility of imprisoning a slayer for the murder.

Episode 16-"Doppelgängland"
Buffy  and the real Willow must save the day when from the bleak alternate universe in which vampires rule Sunnydale, Willow's  blood-sucking doppelganger is brought forth into this world and wreaks havoc and confusion on Sunnydale. Meanwhile, Buffy goes into full training mode so she can ace out Faith  on the Watchers Council tests, while Faith's unholy new alliance is already paying handsome dividends. 

Episode 17-"Enemies"
Faith  and the Mayor's secret alliance becomes an all-powerful triumvirate of evil against Buffy  when they conspire to rob Angel  of his soul. Meanwhile, Giles  has unofficially resumed his role as Watcher, as Wesley is distracted from his sacred duties by Cordelia's amorous attention.

Episode 18-"Earshot"
A near-fatal run-in with a pair of oozy, mouthless demons unexpectedly leaves Buffy  with the awesome ability to hear other people's thoughts, but this newfound power ultimately threatens to overwhelm and destroy her as the cacophony of thoughts isolates her from the rest of the world and drives her to the brink of insanity. When Buffy's clairvoyance unearths a potential mass murder plan at the school, Giles , Willow  and the rest of the gang spring into action to locate the would-be killer and thwart a schoolyard massacre, while Angel  endeavors to keep Buffy from spiraling into telepathy-induced madness

Episode 19-"Choices"
Since Faith's turn to the dark side seems to have put the proverbial kibosh on Buffy's  chances of ever getting out of Sunnydale to go away to college, Buffy decides to launch an offensive and shut down the Mayor's plans for "Ascension." Meanwhile, plans for the future are the order of the day, as Willow  tries to choose among a bevy of college acceptances, Xander  prepares to hit the road on a Kerouac-inspired adventure and Buffy and Angel  refuse to face the insurmountable obstacles to a successful life together.

Episode 20-"The Prom"
Spring has definitely sprung in Sunnydale as talk turns to all things Prom, and while Buffy  and Angel grapple  with the impossibility of a future together, she is determined on keeping a villain intent on crashing the Prom from ruining her friends' perfect high school moment. Meanwhile, a chance encounter between Xander  and Cordelia  may have reopened their lines of communication, but he is saddled with a demonic Prom while Cordy only has eyes for the new watcher Wesley.

Episode 21-"Graduation Day, Part 1"
As Buffy , Willow , Xander , Oz and Cordelia  ready for their long-awaited graduation day, the Mayor makes preparations for his Ascension and transformation into pure demon at the climax of his commencement address to the Class of 1999. With the fate of the world in true peril, Buffy is distracted from her purpose when Angel  is weakened with a lethal poison, and its slayer against slayer when Buffy faces Faith for what may be the last time.

Episode 22-"Graduation Day, Part 2"
As the hours tick away to the fateful graduation of Sunnydale High School's Class of 1999, the impending doom of the Mayor's ascension and transformation into pure demon hangs heavy with Buffy . With Angel  near death, Buffy must risk her own life and defy the orders of the Watchers Council in order lead a campaign to save the world

Series 4

Episode 1-The Freshman                                       

 Trying to adjust to the rigors of college life proves to be harder than Buffy  imagined. She moves into a dorm, must contend with a less-than-stable roommate and the complexities of dating college men. On campus, Willow  is overly enthused about college life and her ongoing romance with Oz , and Xander  unexpectedly returns from his self-discovery adventure. Elsewhere, Giles  seems to be enjoying his life away from being a librarian and a Watcher.

Episode2-Living conditions                                                                    Dorm life proves to be quite an adjustment for Buffy  when her roommate (guest star Dagney Kerr) drives her crazy with her idiosyncrasies even invading Buffy's dreams and the gang must come together to find away to get her to move out. Away from the dorm, Buffy meets Parker Finch (guest star Adam Kaufman), a handsome older classman who is the first guy Buffy has been attracted to since her break-up with Angel.

Episode 3-"The Harsh Light of Day" -
The underworld version of Sid Vicious, Spike (new series regular James Marsters), returns to Sunnydale in search of the vampire version of the Holy Grail, a mythical relic that supposedly engenders the wearer with unimaginable powers, and it's up to Buffy  to stop him. Meanwhile, Buffy is distracted by dating issues as she deals with her feelings for a new boy (guest star Adam Kaufman) who happens to not be a blood-sucking vampire, but is equally as difficult to understand. Xander  has romance issues of his own when his prom date from last spring, Anya (guest star Emma Caulfield), can't get the X-man out of her mind.

Episode 4-"Fear, Itself"
 Buffy  reluctantly agrees to join Willow , Oz  and Xander  at a Halloween party where they stumble into a real-life house of horrors masquerading as an innocuous fraternity. Meanwhile, Giles  is called upon to help out the college crowd when all he wants is to get into the spirit of the holiday.

 Episode 5- "Beer Bad"
When Buffy  is befriended by a group of upperclassmen who convince her to drown her sorrows with them, bartender Xander  becomes suspicious when Buffy and her new friends return to their primordial roots. Back at The Bronze, Willow  is aware of Oz's  attention being turned to a new performer, the sexual and charismatic Veruca (guest star Paige Moss).

Episode 6-"Wild at Heart"
Buffy  does her best to console Willow  when Oz is undeniably drawn to another woman, Veruca (guest star Paige Moss). Even after it is discovered that his attraction stems from the fact that she is also a werewolf, his powerful primitive instincts may be too innate to ignore.

Episode 7-"The Initiative"
Unbeknownst to Buffy  and the gang, Spike  is captured by a commando squad for The Initiative, a mysterious underground laboratory beneath the streets of U.C. Sunnydale. Meanwhile, Buffy's Psych T.A., Riley (guest star Marc Blucas), has a major slayer crush and turns to Willow  for advice on ways to woo.

Episode 8-"Pangs"
 Unbeknownst to Buffy , Angel (David Boreanaz, "Angel") lurks in the shadows of Sunnydale trying to protect her and keep her safe, while her perfect Thanksgiving feast is disrupted by an army of Chumash Indians, the original inhabitants of Sunnydale, whose spirits have come alive to recreate the wrongs that were done to their people.

Episode 9-"Something Blue"
- Buffy  is only one of many who must bear the repercussions of a spell gone awry when Willow , pining over the disappearance of Oz , tries to imbue herself with the power to have her will done. The fallout includes Buffy falling in love with Spike  and planning to marry him, Giles  going blind and Xander  becoming even more of a demon magnet.

Episode 10-"Hush"
 A silence falls over Sunnydale when otherwordly beings come to town and steal the power of speech from all the residents. Meanwhile, Riley  gets his first clue to Buffy's  slayerside when they have a fight with the outside visitor, and Willow  attends a wicca group that's not all she had hoped.

Episode 11-"Doomed"
While Buffy  and Riley  grapple to come to terms with what they now know about each other, the reopening of the Sunnydale Hellmouth sends Buffy and the gang back to high school to prevent impending apocalypse. Meanwhile, Spike  has lost all will to live without the ability to kill, but he grows heartened by the approaching end of the world.

Episode 12-"A New Man"
 Buffy  and Riley  explore the extent of each other's powers as they become more romantically entwined. Feeling left out these days, Giles  turns to his old buddy Ethan Rayne (guest star Robin Sachs) for camaraderie, but Giles must rely on an unlikely source when he is transformed into a demon and mistakenly hunted down by an unknowing Buffy.

Episode 13-"The I in Team"
Buffy's  friends become hurt and concerned when her involvement with Riley  and the Initiative becomes more intense. Meanwhile, Professor Walsh (guest star Lindsay Crouse) sends the slayer on a mission that brings her close to revealing a dangerous secret.

Episode 14-"Goodbye Iowa"
 Buffy  and Riley's  relationship is put to the test when she investigates Professor Walsh's (guest star Lindsay Crouse) death and comes up against the Initiative's secret weapon. While Buffy is trying to find a way to save Sunnydale from rogue warrior demon on the loose, Riley becomes paranoid and delusional and challenges Buffy when he discovers that his mentor has been killed. Elsewhere in town, Spike  has become the outcast among demons since he has taken up with the Scooby-Doo Gang.

Episode 15-"This Year's Girl"
 Buffy  is preoccupied with catching the creature that attacked Riley , but her problems are just beginning when she learns that Faith (guest star Eliza Dushku) has awakened from her coma and has gone seeking revenge to the only home in which Faith remembers Buffy living. Meanwhile, once she is set free, Faith receives a mysterious gift left behind from the Mayor.

Episode 16-"Who Are You"
 Buffy  battles to escape the clutches of the Watcher's Council special operations team who plan to send her to England, while Faith (guest star Eliza Dushku) continues to wreak havoc in the lives of Buffy's family and friends. Meanwhile, it's Willow  and Tara (guest star Amber Benson) who figure out Buffy's whereabouts, but not before Faith has done some serious damage to Buffy's relationship with Riley .

Episode 17-"Superstar"
Buffy , still reeling from the discovery that Riley  was intimate with Faith (guest star Eliza Dushku), must put aside her personal emotions and summon the strength to uncover why the entire town thinks that former high school nerd, Jonathan (guest star Danny Strong), is Sunnydale's newest version of a superhero.

Episode 18-"Where the Wild Things Are"
 Buffy  and Riley  unleash a powerful supernatural force that awakens during a Lowell House fraternity party and causes everyone's hormones to kick into overdrive, threatening the very lives of Buffy and Riley. In order to free them, the gang must battle the spirits of children from the 1950s who have come back to avenge past abuses.

Episode 19-"New Moon Rising"
Willow  and her friends are stunned when Oz (guest star Seth Green) returns to Sunnydale claiming he still loves Willow and has his full moon frolics under control. Meanwhile, Willow tries to sort out her feelings for Oz and finally tells Buffy  about her new relationship with Tara (guest star Amber Benson). But when the moon sets, a transformed Oz is captured by The Initiative and an unlikely source breaks his alliance to come to the rescue.

Episode 20-"The Yoko Factor"
 Buffy  is even more certain of her love for Riley  when Angel's (guest star David Boreanaz, "Angel") surprise visit to Sunnydale brings Riley and Angel to blows. Meanwhile, Spike  joins forces with Adam (guest star George Hertzberg) and devises a plan to tear the Slayer apart from her gang, leaving her wide open for her enemies to attack.

Episode 21-"Primeval"
Buffy's  estrangement from her friends and Giles  threatens to keep the group from stopping Adam's (guest star George Hertzberg) plan to design a master race of human/demon hybrids. Elsewhere, Riley  is captured by Adam and learns that before Professor Walsh death, she had implanted Riley with a chip that could destroy his power and bond him to Adam forever.

Episode 22-"Restless"
A primal animal force stalks Buffy , Willow , Xander  and Giles  in their nightmares as they each come face to face with some of their strangest and worst fears.

Series 1

Episode 1-'City Of' 
Angel moves to L.A., unaware of his purpose in the City of Angels. There, he meets Doyle, his half-man, half-demon spiritual advisor, who gives him much-needed direction. Doyle leads Angel to Russell Winters, a rich and powerful vampire, preying on aspiring actresses. When Winters sets his eyes on Cordelia, Angel must spring into action and rescue her 

Episode 2-'Lonely Hearts'  
 Angel brushes up his pick-up lines while tracking a monstrous serial killer that is hunting at a happening Los Angeles singles bar. Meanwhile, Doyle is developing a serious crush on Cordelia and asks Angel to put in a good word for him. 

Episode 3-'In the Dark'                                                                                           

Episode 4-'I Fall to Pieces'                                                                              Angel  is called into action when Doyle's  visions lead them to a young woman who is being stalked by a demonic neurosurgeon  who uses his bizarre ability to manipulate the human body to terrorize others. Back at the office, gal Friday Cordelia goes undercover to help Angel research his prey. 

Episode 5-'Room w/a Vu'                                                                           When Cordelia flees her roach-infested apartment and lands on Angel's doorstep, the close quarters force Angel to make a deal with Doyle neither can refuse. Meanwhile, Cordelia's riches-to-rags life may be taking a turn for the better when Doyle finds her the perfect apartment - until she discovers that the bargain rent comes with a price - the apartment is haunted by a former tenant. 

Episode 6-'Sense and Sensitivity'                                                                  

Episode 7-'The Bachelor Party'                                                                            Angel sees his new friend Doyle  tortured when his estranged wife comes to town asking for a divorce so she can marry another man. With the wedding just a few days off, Angel agrees to follow her seemingly affable fiance to learn more about this man before Doyle gives his blessing to their union.

Episode 8-I Will Remember You                                                                   After learning that Angel  was in Sunnydale but stayed out of sight, Buffy  comes to Los Angeles to confront him about his unannounced stalking, but a bloody battle with a medieval demon leaves Angel with awesome new powers and Buffy with a chance for true happiness with her beloved. 

Episode 9-Hero     

Episode 10-Parting Gifts                                                                                 Angel and Cordelia, still reeling from the loss of their friend Doyle, join forces with an old acquaintance in the pursuit of a demonic bounty hunter. Meanwhile, without the guidance of Doyle's visions from The Powers That Be, Angel finds himself fighting blind.

Episode 11-Somnambulist 
Angel  is having horrific dreams in which he is again an evil vampire who is slaying innocent people. He awakes every time to discover that the murders he dreamed of have occurred, but he can't remember whether he committed them or not.

Episode 12-Expecting                                                                                         After what Cordelia thought was a dream date, she wakes up to find herself in the middle of a nightmare- extremely pregnant with something extremely unnatural. Meanwhile, Cordelia's condition leads Angel and Wesley down a path of protection for their friend and colleague

Episode 13-She                                                                                                  Angel joins forces with a warrior princess  to save the enslaved women of her homeland from a dangerous patriarchal society of fierce warriors. 

Episode 14-I've Got You Under My Skin                                                  Cordelia's visions of a boy in trouble lead Angel and Wesley into battle with their first exorcism, but everything is not as it seems with the child who is possessed by a 10,000-year-old demon. 

Episode 15-The Prodigal   Angel is haunted by images of his past as a young man in 1753 Ireland, his overbearing father, his vampire birth by his past lover, Darla, and his family's murder by his own hand. Meanwhile, when Angel spots Kate's father  at a crime scene, his investigations may change Kate's life forever.

Episode 16-The Ring 
A client and his supposedly missing brother trick Angel into competing in gladiatorial games that involve enslaved demons and are staged for wealthy wagerers. To stay alive, Angel must kill his opponent. To earn his freedom, he must kill 21 foes 

Episode 17-Eternity                                                                                      Angel rescues a popular young actress  from a stalker, but when he finds himself taken with her and confesses his true identity, she goes to drastic measures to secure eternal youth and beauty.

Episode 18-Five by Five                                                                             Angel's life is on the line when the attorneys at Wolfram & Hart hire Los Angeles visitor Faith to put him out of business - permanently. In the meantime, Wesley, who still feels responsibility to Faith from being her former Watcher, declares he will stop her from bringing harm until he, and Angel, determine she needs more than a just swift kick to snap out of her evil ways.

Episode 19-Sanctuary                                                                                  Buffy comes to Los Angeles seeking vengeance under the guise of protecting Angel from Faith's  violent nature, but Buffy is shocked and hurt to discover her former love siding with her nemesis. Meanwhile, Wesley is faced with a crisis of loyalties when the Watcher's Council offers a chance at reinstatement if he gives up Faith.

Episode 20-War Zone                                                                                       Angel  tracks down a millionaire’s blackmailer, but gets caught in the middle of a gang war between street kids and vampires and meets the leader of the vampire hunters, Charles Gunn.

Episode 21-Blind Date 
 Angel  agrees to help Lindsey McDonald crack the secret files of Wolfram & Hart to save a group of children from a demonic assassin. Ultimately, Lindsay isn't quite sure if he can stick by his decision to betray the firm and sabotage the deadly mission.

Episode 22-
To Shanshu in L.A. 
While Angel and friends work to decipher the scroll taken from Wolfram & Hart, the crooked law firm begins the process of "Raising," which purportedly brings forth a great evil into the world.