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Welcome to Sweetdreams

Sweetdreams is a website for die hard Buffy the vampire Slayer and Angel fans. Take a look around at the cast Biographies, catch up on your favourite episodes and learn all the gossip about your two favourite programmes.

If you have any suggestions or comments about this website please either e-mail them to me at Sweetdreams or post them on the guest book.

Scroll down to see what the Sweetdreams site has to offer and simply follow the links.

Join The Slayer UK Fanclub.


This Fanclub guarantees no spoilers for Uk Buffy and Angel fans!

Includes a massive gallery, all the gossip and much more...

With Message Board and some fabulous links.

Find out all you ever wanted to know about your favourite characters (fictional and non-fictional) in the cast biographies.

Catch up on all your favourite episodes of Buffy and Angel. Go to the cast biographies page.

All the news and gossip on your two favourite shows as well as upcoming episode summaries go to Buffy's Bits and Angel's Archive.

You decide what happens in the fan fiction pages. The New Buffy and Your Angel.

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Sonja Marie's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Links