N*Sync! These guys are hot! Chris, JC, Justin, Joey, and Lance (from left to right). When's the next album guys?
Britney Spears! Tell us, what's it like to have Justin from N*Sync as a boyfriend?
This is a picture of Adam Sandler on the set of the movie Happy Gilmore!
Ben Stiller! We loved your performance in the recent movie Meet the Parents!
Who can forget Ben Savage from Boy Meets World? I don't know about you, but I'd like to see him in a movie!
Jim Carey on the set of When Nature Calls! He's one of my favorite actors!
Jennifer Aniston, but we all know her as Rachel from Friends!
Eminem! We loved the LP album and now he's got some great songs with D-12
Mike Myers on the set of his movie The Spy Who Shagged Me!
Julia Roberts has been in tons of movies over the years. Her newest is America's Sweethearts!
OK, we all loved Leonardo Dicaprio in Titanic, but where is he now?
Bradd Pitt is now with Jennifer Aniston!
Tom Cruise! He just recently split up with NIcole Kidman. Thats right he is single again!
Tiffany Amber Thesan! She was an actress in 90210 and Saved by the Bell!
Mathew Perry from Friends, The Whole Nine Yards, and other movies!
This is the very hot Ryan Phillippe! Too bad he is taking by Rese Witherspoon!
Will Smith in the set of the movie Men In Black!
Jennifer Lopez! She is doing really well these days with her new albums and her boy Puffy!
Neve Campbell from Scream 1, 2, and 3. When is your next movie?
Backstreet Boys! Thses guys have great songs! They seem to get better and better!
Nicholas Cage from his newest movie Tha Family Guy. If you didn't see it yet, see it!
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Ricky Martin! This Latin singer has won the hearts of many people! He was requested to be added!
Kirsten Dunst made an apearance at the grammies, she is the main character in Crazy Beautiful.
Faith Hill is currently working on a new album with her husband, Tim McGraw, at her side!
The Rock! He is an awesome wrestler, don't you agree?
Outkast! I love thier songs, heep up the good work guys!