Welcome to Star Health! I hope you enjoy your stay! This page has been created to help each and everyone of you accomplish your physical goal. I would like to start by telling you a little about myself. I used to be overweight. I was 5'7 and tipping the scales at 205 pounds, I decided that I needed to make a change in my appearance. I tried everything to lose weight, from Slim Fast to Anorexia, but nothing worked.  At last I decided to come up with my own weight loss program. Over a period of less than 2 years, I have lost 60 pounds. Not only do I look different, I also feel different and I have tons of energy and self-esteem. My program, full of pointers and tips, is below:
Summer of 1999
        205 lbs.
Winter of 2000
      175 lbs.
Winter of 1999
      190 lbs.
Summer of 2001
   5' 7  / 155 lbs.
Candace's Weight Loss Program:
1.) First, you must avoid eating after dinner (usually after 6:00 P.M.). Eating right before you go to bed doesn't give your body a chance to digest the food you just put in it. All of the food turns directly into fat.
You must eat healthy. I know this is hard. I always wanted to grab the fastest snack, which was usually potato chips. But by keeping fruits or veggies that you like handy, it lessens the temptation. Allow yourself one snack item a week. That snack can be anything you want it to be. Remember, dieting shouldn't be unbearable.
3.) DO NOT FAST. If you don't eat, your body thinks that it is starving and will hold the fat cells.
4.) Liquid diets do not work long term. As soon as you go back to normal eating, your gain back the weight.
5.) Brushing your teeth helps you to avoid snacking.
6.) Exercise Exercise Exercise. It is extremely important to develop an exercise program that you will stick with. Whether it be walking, jogging, swimming, weight training. Don't overtrain. 3 times a week is sufficient.
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