Hi there. A lot of people that have seen my page have asked for a bio of myself...so here goes, a short little history of myself, I will  likely add a bit more as people ask but this is just to let you know a bit about Elle!!

First, I currently live in the GTA better known as the Greater Toronto Area of Canada. I LOVE Toronto. It is the greatest city in the world and has an amazing CD scene. I have met a lot of great friends there and Im sure I will meet more in the future.

IM a very young 28 years old although most would say I look like a 20 year old, which I guess is a benefit to look younger!

OK, now, the big question!!! Am I a real girl, am I a TS, a CD....the big question. Well, truth be known, #1 I'm not a GG..but as close to it as you can get...anything more and you'd have to ask me yourself.....but for the record, Im a guy...although Elle is entirely her own self.

Now, to clarify...my name is ELLE..as in the magazine, pronounced like the letter 'L'...not Ellie, not Eli..its Elle..the name is just a short form for the name I use...Janelle.

I hope this gives a little bit of a 'Behind the scenes of Elle....but like most people, Im sure you're here to see the pics./..so enjoy....

Elle's Bio !!!!

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