Well we finally found each other..we knew from the start we had a special connection..both afraid to love again but being drawn together..we have an endless love for each other and for our boys...longing for the day we can all be in Pennsylvania and completeing our family with... shhhhh we can't tell ya yet...
Well here's our world...dont let the cute faces fool you they can still drive us crazy, good thing we love them so much...first there's Matt your typical teenager becoming a man only he beats to his own drummer, he LOVES music, piercings,and his friends, and at 17 still tells his Mom he loves her everytime we talk...then there's Kyle (or to Matt..Lil Guy) he's 6 and has a smile that makes you forget whatever it is he's done, he loves Scooby Doo, Power Rangers, and his new bike, he gives the BEST hugs...OK OK so we may be partial but they are THE GREATEST KIDS and WE LOVE THEM WITH ALL OUR HEART AND SOUL!!!!
Keith, Ellee and Kyle at the aquarium
Kyle on carousel
Matt and Tyler
Otis and Ellee in Chicago
Patiently waiting for our family to be together...WE LOVE YOU MATT and KYLE!!!!