Ancillary Department

This webpage is dedicated for the staff of this school which are very important to us. We often see them offering services to the students but that's the only side that we could . And through this webpage, we will show you their side left unshown.

May this site impart our gratitude to them.

clinic building canteen open area
  • Dentist
  • Nurse
  • Library
  • CR caretakers
  • Cooks
  • Table cleaners
  • Guards
  • Driver
  • Cleaners

  • The Manila Science High School envisions itself as the nerve center of educational leadership, innovations, and achievements and is committed under a tradition of excellence to the human formation of every Filipino thru a relevant, responsive, holistic program to enable him to succeed in life and to help in the further development of the country and its people.

    Special thanks to :
    Ms. Gallardo - for giving us the chance to make this webpage and of course, for teaching us the basics of HTML.
    To the ancillary department - thank you for the time you gave to us and also for allowing us to interview you.

    Without you all, this project won't be made possible. =)

    Love lots,
    Ma. Theresa Cunanan
    Ethel Lariza
    Jezza Loyola

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