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welcome to my world... a world of fun, excitement, frustrations and everything in a teen's life. come and join me in my world. click that cute lil baby button for it will lead you to my blog... the happenings in my life, the real me.

i would like to thank all those people who always waste their precious time for my blog. i changed my blog's host because first of all, the readers of my blog are getting many, so i want them to enjoy and have fun reading my life's journeys. second, i want some change. i've outgrown the diaryland already. in short, dati ko pang blog yung at nakasawaan ko na. hehehe.. another thing, one page wouldn't be enough. it's easier to make a blog here at geocities, that's why, presto... here's my blog. Ü


my blog works better at 800x600 window resolution. you must have the 256 color in your computer so that better results of the pictures would come out.


this blog is owned and managed by me, the web princess. i would be very glad if you would link me. contact me at sweetie_gurl126@yahoo.com


thank you for all the people who are visiting me blog. i owe you lots! thanks for the motivation that were given by my classmates when i made our edison-II site. thanks a million!!!

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