October 16, 2003 - Damn near a year later, and I am still alive.I'm currently without a real job, but I'm finally a senior in high school, and a freshman at Polk Community College (People call it college). :o) Anyway. My baby cousin Sammy just died on the 9th. I don't think I'm taking it very well, but everyone keeps saying everything will be okay. They lie. In September my great grandmother passed, as well as my uncle and my cousin's baby. Four deaths in 2 months is something that I' not coping with very well, but I suppose my life will go on. I changed a few things in the site though. My entire page about the things that I like has been changed and I changed a picture. Woo hoo :oP

October 28, 2002 -
WOW! Has it really been that long since I've been here?! Holy cow! Well anyway. I quit Stadium, got my heart broken, started back at GJ , make excellent grades, and I got a job at Target. I love my new job. I'm sick today so I don't get to go but I didn't go to school either. I'm feeling a little bit better as far as my throat hurting but I'm still exhausted. :o( I think I may take Caleb to feed the ducks at Lake Morton. :o) I got new pics but I can't get them off the disk because it's not formatted or something. I dunno. They are all on my cousin's computer. I'll put them up later. You could also check out my journal if you do get that bored.

June 1, 02 -
Enough of that poor pitiful me shit. I think it might have just been the PMS hormone sensitivity screwed up totally emotional thing. I don't know. I was playing chinese fire drill and the light turned green and I looked up and low and behold who do I see at the Shell station? Give you 2 guesses but you'll only need 1! It was Brandon. :o) I wanted to yell something but the light was green and I didn't want to look like white trash. I met London tonight, cool name huh? He's a really sweetart. Apple threw up all over Denny's bathroom. Yum yum. Calli met someone new, and someone that I think is totally better for her than Corren, but you know. I'm just family what do I know? Amy is a sweety too. I am now working 53 hours a week at work, starting the week of June 10th I think. I know I only work 3 10 hr days this week which is nifty shish. Anyway, I'm tired and I think me and Caleb are gonna wake up early and play in the pool tomorrow so I'm outtie.. Night

May 28/29, 02 -
Yeah, summer is boring. Jarrod, and Apple stayed here last night. Nothing like running across S. Fla at 2 in the morning for some Makin Whoopie Pie, to find out we just don't have enough money. I'm kinda tired of being a "teen mom" Everyone is out having fun. My old old old ex is partying with Caleb's dad, and his friends.. I hate this shit. Truly I do. I feel like such a loser. I feel trapped and confined like some kind of small rodent and I think I'm about to gnaw free but I need to think of a way. Don't get me bent cause I love my son more than life itself but I need a break from Caleb, from work, from everything. I just want a minute to breath by myself, watch the sun go down, take a walk. I want to enjoy me, but I guess I gave that all up when I had sex at 13 :o\.. Oh well, back to changing shitty diapers. Night guys

May 22, 02 -
I went and saw Star Wars last night.. Oh Joy! It actually wasn't that bad though.It was like a little love story with some robots, and these tall lanky things that lived on the coolest planet. They made the clones. Yep.. Anyway. Caleb is sick again, and he's rolling around on the floor crying so I'm out - Bri

May 16, 02
- I was reading through this and realized I'm a whiny terd! Like you guys want to hear about my problems.. That's my goal for this week; to be less self-centered. Anywhoozle. I took off my poems section. My poems really sucked! Why didn't someone tell me? OMG, and more people could have read them :oP Yucko, but oh well. I might bring it back when I have something less whiny to write about. I also change this page just a little and took off my banners cause they looked like cheap nudey bar signs and I'm just not into that anymore. Tehe, anyway! Talk to you all soon! Buhbyes!!!

May 14, 02
- So school sucks. I'm sitting here all bored :oP I don't want to go home though because that's more boring but at least then I could invite my buddy Mike over and maybe let Caleb swim. I dunno about all this relationship stuff though. I don't think I'm ready to do all that again but it sure would be nice to have someone that cares about me, and adores Caleb. Something to ponder on, no? Tehe I read two of Apple's poems today at Poetry. com, and I must say bravo! They touched me soul and all that garbage :o) I loved em. Hrmm.. what else? OH!.. I see right through to you! See right through to you. See right through to you. I see right through to you, it's not like like I don't feel your mood. God love techno.. well dance but regardless.. it's nice! Pray for me! :o) -- Bri

May 14, 02 - Doin this just for Apple, because
There we go.. Now, with that out of the way.. :o) I haven't done anything to the site. :o) Kinda brief but at least I checked in. Oh, and they are moving me up to 40 hrs. a week at my lovely work place :o) Yippie Yay!

April 08, 02 - I'm gonna update my page that tells about me. If you get a chance, read Genesis 37-47.. The story of Joseph is my life.. LoL at least, that's what my guidance counsellor says. I'm sunburnt from hell and this hurts. My last sunburn is peeling and it itches, but I can't scratch it cause my new sunburn hurts. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Tehe  -- Bri

March 29, 02 - Hey people :o) I'm on this wonderful new techno kick. I don't really know what it is but my mom likes to make fun of me about it. There's just something about it that's beautiful. Apple says it's repetitive and moronic but oh well. She doesn't have to listen to it then. Hehe, Caleb isn't sick anymore, my mom no longer has tonsilitus (err however you spell it), George doesn't have the flu, and I'm not puking my guts out anymore so I can say it's been a good day. Could have been better with a little sex but oh well, can't win em all. If I hadn't been throwing up all day yesterday, I could have had my chance, but ish happens. Everyone thinks that I was hungover yesterday... It's good to know you're trusted. First of all, it's hard to get a hangover when you don't drink, and second of all, I didn't even get em when I did drink so whatever. People are filled with silliness. Sweet, King of the Hill is on! But umm.. Spring Break was okay. I was sick a lot of the time, but I still went out a lot. No 3-way kisses, no alcohol poisoning, and no mind expanding drugs, but good old fashioned fun. It was nice. I still have 2 days left.. Maybe I can sneak a few pills or something in there.. LoL Anyway.. what else has happened? I'm incredibly sunburned. That hurts. LoL But I'm recovering. It's not so bad that it's gonna blister or anything nasty, but I'm hoping it doesn't peel either. I'm hoping it just fades into a tan which is what my sunburns usually do. :o) I took more pics before I got sunburned though, so maybe I'll put em up sometime. Okay, I'm rambling.. Toodles my pets -- Briana

March 12, 02 - I don't really know what to say this time cause nothing exciting has happened this month so far. I went to the dr yesterday for Caleb and for once in his life, he's not sick. He's perfect. :o) I couldn't see the dr for me though, she took off for a family emergency. Which really sucks cause I feel awful. I'm so weak! Oh, and Brandon's family thinks that I'm preggo. Haha they are nuts! But I love em. Cheryl is a saint. I dunno what I would do without her! Anyway, time for class.. -- Love ya lots, Briana

Feb. 28, 02
- Caleb is sick again! He's exactly 13 months old, today.. God he's being a pain in the butt for some reason. He just started throwing fits and temper tantrums! What fun! I'm out guys, Caleb is awake again. --Bri

Feb. 6, 2002 - Wassup mah nigs?! Long time no write huh? Hehe anyway. I'm at school and I'm terribly bored but it's okay. I'm finished with all my work so Mrs. Wise gave me a free day, kinda. It's all gravy. Caleb turned 1! We threw him a big party.. That was fun. I'm dating a few people.. That's fun. I work a WHOLE lot.. That's not so fun but the outcome is always nice. Money!! :o) Anyway. I don't have a lot to say so I'm just gonna go and work on another page or something. Love n Fluff :o) -- Bri

Jan. 24, 02 - Why is no one signing my guestbook?! I am DEEPLY hurt! But anyway. I changed some stuff.. I'm tired. I only work 3 days next week. I got paid today, that was a giant let down but whatever, it's money. Hrmm.. maybe next time it'll be more or something, I dunno. I'm like dead tired.. you guys dun even know! Butta.. there was something else.. Caleb will be one on the 28th. Yay! It doesn't even feel like a year ago! You don't even know what has happened between now and then. Anyway, I'm outtie guys, I need sleep -- Briana

Jan. 19,02 - Hey ya'll! I was lookin through the site and there are A LOT of mistakes.. lol but Ima fix them this time. Yesterday was my mom's birthday :o) I'm gonna throw a big one for my birthday. Sweet 16 cats.. Heck Yeah! By then maybe I'll be with someone. I am facing the ultimate problem wif guys. They all seem to think that I want a new dad for Caleb. That's not it at all! I want someone to be my friend.. ya know? Someone for me to hang out with and... just be there for me :o) But they all think it's gonna be weird cause I have a kid. I knew I should have stayed with Brandon.. for this VERY reason. Now I'm gonna be old and lonely forever! Oh well.. :o\ Maybe one day I'll get mines! Until then, peace my nigs!

Jan. 14,02 - Whoa Dawg Whoa! I'm tired but lookie, I had time to make new banners for 2 of the pages. I would have made more elaborate ones but Photoshop was pissing me off, and erg! I hate that animation thing, but it's okay. It was a really slow day at work and I'm bored so off to bed I go. Sweet wet dreams! And sleep tight next to those that love you. But anyway, If you get toally bored read my rants.. If you get even more bored and wanna see some band site, click on the Even more link at the bottom of My moreinfo page :o) .. or you could just click that.. lazy butt! LoL I like this banner, it looks like a cheap nudey bar sign. Hope you enjoy it too :o) Peace n love -- Bri

Jan 13, 02 - Man, I am so bored! I have work tomorrow, right after school so I miss out on my nap but that's okie dokie cause I need to get back on a normal schedule. It's only 10:30 AM and I'm ready to call it a day. I'm soo lazy but oh well. Cheryl is supposed to stop by and see Caleb today, and I think Dayna may too. I went and saw Orange County.. I think I was more afraid than I was humored. That's gonna be my life :o( But oh well. I'm gonna be living on a couch in my underwear, watching Spongebob for my entire life. It's gonna blow, but not if I go to college! LoL PCC, here I come! Definitely not Stanford but hey, you gotta start somewhere. I think tomorrow I'm gonna ask about duel-enrollment, and start that in the summer so I can get a few of my classes out of the way. I don't know if I want to take extra highschool classes there, or just start on college. Oh well. I hope Apple will join me though. She's a sweetheart, hopefully I can talk her into going to college, right now she doesn't want to go but I'm gonna stop rambling now, and go take a nap. :o) Sweet dreams!

Jan 11, 02 - WOOHOO!!! Guess who got a job?! .:Me:. And guess what else. :o) I actually like work. I work Monday-Thursday 5:30 to whenever.. usually 8:30 he said. It's not much but it's money.. .:Ka-ching:. But anyway kids.. I'm sooo tired so I'm outtie. I was just really excited cause today was my first day.  Hopefully XxCrosses fingersxX I'll get more hours, but I like not working on weekends right now so it's tight :o) Peace mah nigs! Sweet wet dreams!! :o)

Jan 9, 02 - Okay.. Tons of stress.. I haven't had time to work on the site. Caleb has RSV as well as some other virus in the back of his throat.. Some nasty mess having to do with some kind of puss pocket :oP YUCK! Okay, just yuck!

Jan. 2, 02 (again!) - Okay, so what? I'm really bored and really sad! I didn't get to go to the mall, I didn't get to see Apple, and I miss Brandon. He'll be back on Friday but it's not like he cares about seeing me anyway. I wish he did though. I really wish I could tell him how I feel and actually have him pay attention to what I have to say :o( I guess things weren't meant to be. If so, he'd want to be with me, or at least talk to me, right? Caleb's dad sucks! LoL I guess it's time to move on to the next depressive, suicidal, adolescent phase of my life.. :o\ Goodbye Love.. Goodbye happiness

Jan. 2, 02 - Okay, SO! What is wrong with guys?! Are they like seriously that stupid? I guess they dunno how to pick up on clues so when you flat out tell them  that you are madly in love with them , you get "oh" OH!? WHAT kinda of an answer is that?! Whatever okay.. just whatever! Life is so not like the movies. But anyway, about the site... I definitely had to get a new NFG pic cause no offense but the old one sucked. Hrmm I changed a few things but nothing that anyone would notice. Basically I guess what I'm trying to say is that Danni is right and it doesn't hurt to get out every now and then. So since I'm angry anyway and I need to get out of the house, I'm going shopping. I have to go get the apple though. She always makes it all better! And sign my guestbook please!

Jan 1, 2002!! - Added a special page just for New Found Glory. :o) I felt that no good site was complere without it. I think that most will agree with me. This is also becoming my opening page. You know, the whole "Tells you what's going on" page. :o) I also felt I need one of these considering this site started out with one and when I updated it, the page was long long gone. Anyway, let me stop talking so you can move on with the next phase of this sad excuse for a site.

December 31, 2001 -  Happy New Year! I Changed the pics on the opening page. The one where I'm dancing with Caleb and the One were I look retarded :o) was taken tonight. About an hour ago.

December 30, 01 - Finally finished this stupid site. Good luck getting all the way through.
Really Bri, I don't care!
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