Follow me, dear one, to MY world

Surrounded by a million stars
In a forest late at night
The wild soul wanders far
To places past all sight
Beyond the deep blue rivers
Far past the open field
To pastures of another kind
And still it doesn't yeild
Winding through the tall trees
Rushing past all green
Far beyond the forests
To places never seen
Where willow trees grow freely
And broken hearts are healed
Orchids blue tease the wind
And hide all secrets sealed
Feathers dance on whispers
And whispers carry dreams
Dreams conceal a secret
Nothing's as it seems
Grasses made of water
That sparkle ever blue
Voices of the unicorn
Sing of dragons true
Last, not least, the silver stars
That cry when left alone
And gentle roses oh so red
Stop their starlit moan
This is my reality
And though it maybe swirled
I say to you, dear traveller
Welcome to my world

Buried in the depths of an ancient forest,
straddling a timeless stream,
lies the gateway to the Elysian Fields,
the secret home of the unicorns.
Just step through the portal and join them.