Angela's Home Page
Angela's Home Page
Hi there my name is Angela Nicole Bennett.  I go by the screen name of sweetkacielovedoll online after a realdoll picture I saw online once. 
I was born in 1969 in New York state in the United States.
I am 5'7" tall, 122lbs, 38B/39/38, hazel eyed and brown hair.
It is my goal to someday become a living breathing Barbie doll or as close as I can be to her.
I am in to latex, rubber, mummification, inflatables, shrink wrap, face sitting (women only), and being forced in to these fetishs as well as being forced to become a mannequin, plastic doll or statue for up  to days at a time. 
I believe that people should be able to fill their dreams and be who they are for real not what people what them to be. 
I do talk with people but, DO NOT IM ME UNLESS I ASK YOU TO OR I WILL BLOCK YOU. 
I have to MSN sites that I manage, you can visit them at the links below.
My MSN Profile
My groups;
Visit my photo page
Turned in to an Object
My Yahoo Profile
The Transgender World
Some Great Links
Real Dolls
You can find realistic silcone rubber dolls here.  They look so, real but, they are not real.
Yahoo Mannequin Madness Group
Yahoo Mannequin Madness II Group
Great Yahoo site and the photo to the left is an example of what they have instored for you.  It is straight from their Mannequin Madness Main site. So, enter these groups as your own risk and be prepared to be turned in to plastic.
Great Yahoo site dealing with all kinds of trasnformations.
Great site for those who love the art and fetish of being turned into an object of some kind.  Sister site to the Yahoo I've been turned into an object.
I've been turned into an Object
Great Yahoo site for those who love the art and fetish of being turned into an object of some kind.  Sister site to the MSN Turned into an object group.
ArgoForg's Hall of Statues
A older and for some reason abanded site that has not been updated in years.  But, has some great pictures on it.  Note, this site does have a lot of broken links in it.
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