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A Shadow of Myself

I am a shadow of myself, I feel nothing left within
Just a shell of lonliness, that I've been dwelling in
An Angel lost in shimmering waters, drowning in my dispair
Always seeking love, never finding what I long to share

He came to find this Angel, sitting alone in dark of night
What began so innocently, had blossomed into shear delight
Showing me compassion, this man had gained my heart
Now alone I wonder, if he has come to take apart

An Angel lost in the shadow, of the woman I used to be
Begging to be spared, from the pain that is brought to me
Only guilty of trusting, in the words I have come to know
Punished by the love, I've allowed my heart to show

If my heart can not adore him,then the sun shall dim away
If I may not recieve him, then no reason is there to pray
An Angel lost in the shadow, of the of the woman I was
If my love for him is wrongful, then night will have no day


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