.:*CrOsS yOuR HEaRt n hOpE 2 DiE
ClOtHeZ n MaKeUp BoYz n LiEz
fOrEvA tHeRe TiLL tHe EnD
DeFiNiTiOn Of : TrUe BeSt FriENdz
:. gonna be with these gurls
till the day that im dead..
.till the nerds start failing classes
and the hoes stop giving head..
FrIeNdS aRe LiKe StArZ
u DoN'T aLwAyS sEe ThEm...
BuT u KnOw ThiEr AlWaYs ThErE
pLaYeRs only play, cuz their afraid
2 give their heartz away
TriCkz gEt TriCkD PLaYaZ gEt PLaYD So Be a PiMpEttE CuZ PiMpeTTeZ gEt LaiD’s
HIs Shirt... $30
His Pants... $50
His Boxers...$19
Watching him take it off... Priceless
Girls are so complex
they confuse themselves
do a magic trick for me... DiSsApPeAr

true love is an 8 letter word... so is bull shit
Meeting you was fate
becomin ur friend was a

but falling in love with you
was beyond my control
If God had wanted people to give head,
he wouldn't have given them teeth
Be more concerned about your character
than your reputation,
becasue your character is who you are
and your reputation is what others think of you
Love QuOtEs
¸.·°°·.¸(¨`v´¨)   CliCkiEs (¨`v´¨)¸.·°°·.¸
`v´¸¸.·´¨`»    «´¨`·.¸¸ `v´ ..·°·.¸.·°
ShOuT OuTs
    *AbOuT mE*
NaMe: -:|:-MeLiSsA, MeL,
MeLbEl, bLiNg bLiNg, Lyss
LoCaTiOn: -:|:- D-tOwN -:|:-
ScHoOl: -:|:- BsHs -:|:-
GrAdE: -:|:- SoPhMoRe -:|:-
SpOrTs: -:|:- GyMnAsT, ChEeRlEaDeR-:|:-
StAtUs: -:|:- SwEeT*SeXy*SiNgLe -:|:-
If it was supposed to feel good
then they wouldn't call it a CRUSH
returns this summer! hah love ya girls!
TurNin *AMATeURS 2 PROS*  aNd  *VirgINS into Hoes
aww how cute ali's tiny butt
BoYs…CaNt LiVe WiTh Em
…CaNt LiVe WiThOuT eM
True love burns the brightest, but the brightest flames leave the deepest scars.

sometimes you need to run away to see who will follow you.
Sometimes we must get hurt in order to grow; we must fail in order to know.
Sometimes our vision clears only after our eyes are washed away with tears.
Always listen to your heart, even though it's on the left, it's still always right
If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything
RePrEsEnTiN CDC 4EVER!!! - Founders: ChRiS #1, KyLe #2 n bLiNg
PiMpiN and pLaYiN
nO TiMe To CoMmiT
LeT mE teL u RiTe NoW
i AiNt DoWn WiT tHaT LuV BuLsHyT
REMINDER: hating me won't make you pretty
lol aileen sound familiar?!
The Terrible Three
qUoTeS 2
theres some of tehe pics from the party but my computer is being gay so ill put the rest up later!