Sweet Sean Astin
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1. www.oocities.org/sweetseanastin
2. devoted.to/seanastin

Updates: Sean's filmography updated

News: Sean Astin's wife had her baby! It's a girl and here name is Elizabeth Louise. (This is very exciting for me since my name is Elizabeth!)

Just a reminder: The reason this site hasn't been updated recently is because I've been working on my "Hobbit Craze" site. There are cast pictures there, so be sure to visit for plenty of adorable pictures of Sean and the cast of LOTR. You can get to the site by clicking on the "LOTR" button on the left (all the way at the bottom),
or by clicking

I have a new site called "Hobbit Craze," and this site is now just a section of that site.

News: Sean competed in the Mad Anthony Celebrity Pro-Am Golf Tournament on June 17th and was honored with a Red Coat. For more information, click here

Update: New picture gallery: Sean reading "A Bad Case of Stripes"
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