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Hey there to those who are visiting my site today for the millionth time because they are bored and I have cool designs.
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Do you really want to know what I like to do?  Well, sure you do! I know I do! Anyway, I like to hike, camp, fish, listen and play music, chat online, country drives, going to the beach, taking nice, long showers at night, watching some old action movies, hangin with friends, reading several types of books, dancing, dressing up.  I like fairy tales and such, but I've often been pulled back into reality lately.
But enough about  me, search, enjoy this site. 
Also, I will be 22  in June! Woohoo! I have a special treat planned out for me.  LOL!  Well, go ahead. . . . Enjoy!
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My family lives all over.  My parents and grandparents and one aunt lives in a small town in Minnesota. I have an aunt and uncle with one child down by the twin cities, and aunt in Missouri, and an aunt and uncle with 2 children in Texas.  Actually, the oldest cousin from Texas is going to college in Missouri.  My dad's family mainly live in Nevada, California, Oregon, but some are in Washington also.   We are fairly close and I'm proud of the children in this family.  We have gone through many trials, and with God we were able to gain victory.  My friends are cool.  We don't hang out much because they either live too far away for me to drive .
Last summer, I worked at Valleyfair, an amusement park by southern Minnesota.  It was pretty much fun.