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 October 17, 2005


Yes, you guys read it right. I'm leaving the community really soon. It's a long story, so pls. head over to this note that I have typed. Like I said on the note, my semester from school is until Oct. 22, and now I decided to stay in here for a while and will leave on either Oct 26 or 28 for Bohol. When I leave, no more internet for me and I can't update anymore. I'm sad to announce this just right after this great news on the Cynthia Daniel interview, but this problem has been going on for a while now, and I know sooner or later I will have to announce this. Please understand my situation guys. I love you all and I will miss you.

This remaining days will be my last few updates before I leave, so Name the Character, Who Said It? and Guess the Title are updated. (Thanks Amanda, Dalya, Jen and Elizabeth for the submissions). Bye.

 October 14, 2005
Great news, guys! Cynthia finally sent her answers in the online interview here! The interview is now posted and it is found here and in the yahoo group. Big thanks to Cynthia herself for granting this interview and I hope you all enjoyed this.

I tried to contact some of the SVH crew and asked for the Behind the Scenes photos of Sweet Valley High. I got a reply from Julie Rae Engelsman (costume designer of SVH) yesterday, and said she didn't have any photos. Oh well. Just take a look (if you haven't) at the video of the SVH behind the scenes at her site. You will need a Real player 10 to view it.

Ally (sweetmemor_ies) has a copy of the BUST magazine where there is the interview of Francine Pascal, so let's wait for her to post the full article soon. Girl, thanks a lot in advance!

Updated Random Question, Name the Character and Guess the Title- thanks to Janitor One, Leesa, Samantha and Emma for the submissions! Please do visit Janitor One's site The Closet Chronicles as it has a new layout.

Finally, an important note to all site visitors: yesterday when I logged on to the admin area of the photo gallery section, I noticed that someone has uploaded his own personal pics in there for my approval to be posted. There were about 7 or 8 pics. I'm sorry to say but I have to delete those because while uploading pics is okey, I want to point out that this is a sweet valley fansite and only sv or sv-ralated pics are allowed. Please upload your pics somewhere else, like in Photobucket, Image Shack, etc. Same rule also applies in the yahoo group. Also, messages that are totally unrelated to sweet valley (selling products besides sv, dating sites, porn or hentai sites) are going to be deleted. Please follow this rules. Thanks.

 October 8, 2005
Whoa! It's been a while since I updated! Well, not much sv-related news here, plus I admit I have gotten a little lazy and more involved in the Anime Tribe community. hehehe. Anyways, updates. New Random Question, Guess the Title and Name the Character. Enjoy! Also, I put up Quotes in here-I hope to add more soon. A new section called Sweet Valley Awards to liven things up. Pls vote for your fave Sweet Valley character. I have trouble choosing the nominees and have it narrowed down to just 5 candidates. Voting will be until Oct. 24th, so start voting now!

Answer questions from email:

To Leslie: (a.) Which book did Jessica meet Sam Woodruff?
- I'm not sure which book did Jessica met Sam, because I have only read it in Elizabeth's Secret Diary Vol. 3, but I looked into Amazon.com and guessed that it must be in the book # 80 The Girl They Both Loved. I remember reading in Elizabeth's Secret Diary Vol. 3 that Jessica met Sam in Artie and Micheal's dirt bike race, so this must be it.

(b.) who saved Elizabeth from the electrical wires in "Earthquake"?
- It was never really revealed at the end of SVH nor at SVH:SY. According to Ken, he saw a stranger who pulled Elizabeth and Enid away from the electrical wires, but he didn't know who it was. Yes, it wasn't Devon. It was never revealed, so another one of the mysteries unsolved in sv. *sighs*

To Kathy: I really don't know Kate William or Francine Pascal's email. I actually tried to contact the Simon Says website to contact Francine because I want to have an online interview with her, but they never replied. Sorry.

Speaking of email, I still haven't got Cynthia's reply nor Amy's pics yet. I wonder when will it be.

I will go on hiatus really soon (in 2 weeks) because of the semestral break from school. I wanna relax for a while and visit my parents. Just let you know...........later!

 September 28, 2005
New photos added in the photo gallery section! 1 pic of Cynthia which was taken at the "Two for the Money" Premiere, 4 pics of Jeremy, 2 pics of Manley and even 7 pics of Francine Pascal! The black and white pics of Francine are taken WAY back in May 1, 1988 in her apartment in Manhattan, New York. Copyright to Getty Images, Film Magic and Time & Life Pictures for these images. Enjoy!

Speaking of pics, more pics of Brittany also at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon are up on the site Bruno Press. Just search for her name there. Great news, because her team won in the Female Relay Celebrity category in the triathlon! Beating the Desperate Housewives team. Isn't that great?

An update regarding the online interview with Cynthia Daniel here: I emailed Cynthia again with the questions the other day, and she emailed back and apologized because she still haven't got the time to answer the questions. As she was typing her email, she told me that she is using her one hand because she was carrying her son Ryland on her other arm. But she promised to email me back soon together with her answers. Let's just wait. Bye!

 September 26, 2005
First of all, thanks guys for the compliment on Amy's interview. I really appreciate it. Big thanks also to Amy Danles herself for granting the interview.

Ok, updates. Chapter 3 of the fanfic My Happy Ending is up, as well as updated the Name the Character, Who Said It? and Random Question. Thanks Leesa, Claire, Tiff and Maile for the submissions!

Brittany takes part in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon! View photos of her at the sites Wireimage.com and at Daily Celeb. A portion of the proceeds is to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. For more info, visit the Nautica Malibu Triathlon website.

To Bea: I'm really happy to have read your email, esp. to read from a fellow Filipino SV fan! lol. To answer what you said, yeah, it's sad that there wasn't sv being sold anymore at National bookstores. The SVH:SY series ended last 2003, so it also became the end of sv. I used to always go there to check out the latest sv book, but now there's none. About where to find sv books in the Philippines.........well, the best way to find sv books is to go to those secondhand bookstores-like Booksale and RSO Bookshop which are found in SM and Robinson's Place Malls. I go there at least once a week to check out the sv books being sold. Prices depend on the book that you buy. You can also buy online at the Philippine auction sites such as Ebay Philippines. Just search for "sweet valley" and you'll get a view of the books that are currently selling. You just bid on the item, and if you won the auction, the seller will contact you regarding payment and shipping details. Hope these helps. Later!


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