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Hi everyone.  This is SwimmerMI's  attempt at a web page.  Oh well, this is a temp anyway.  So..  this is my page.  I am sure Speedo, Tyr, and the rest of these companies will shoot me for having their logos here, but I had to put them up cause I just like all of their quality products!  And, to be cool I put links to their sites - just click on the logos.  Well, as you can probably tell, I am in to swimming in a big way - yes I actually did swim competitively for a university - - no, I will probably not tell you which one.  I also love to cycle, and am very into music. Well, I will keep this first attempt at a homepage short and sweet.  Hope to talk to you all soon.   My email link is at the bottom of the page, so give me an email sometime.  Bye for now.
Diana swimwear is made in Milan, and is used by many Euro teams.  I also happen to think they are the finest suits made.  Click the logo to the right to link to the U.K. distributer.
Makeup in this photo designed by Tim Santry of Kryolan Makeup
Be young, have fun, Drink PEPSI!
The Stats on
Gender: A 26 year old male (enough said??)
: 5'9"
: 145# (going to the gym.. need to add lifting to my swimming.)
: short brown/blond (contrary to my club pic above)
: blue-grey
Pastimes/Hobbies :
Swimming (duh), cycling, music(jazz piano), love all of the fine/performing arts in general, including dance, theatre.
Favorite Color :
Purple or Red, although I do like electric blue...
Favorite Clothes :
Currently revamping my inventory...any suggestions?  email me
Favorite Swimsuit :
Lap & competitive - speedo, rec - boardshorts or umbros over speedo.
Bikinis, briefs, or boxerbriefs usually, g-strings/thongs sometimes....
Status : graduate student... *sigh*.
Latest News:
Now living somewhere on the East Coast ???. email me
Some AWESOME links....
Pictures & Stuff:
The Nifty Archive - - The famous erotic story archive... check it out!
Just some fun:
If anyone has any other links that would be cool on this site, EMAIL ME!!  I will put them in!
Thanks again for stopping by - have a great day!
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