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 Swinger Games

Sometimes it gets old just swapping partners. When you go to parties that the same couples attend and you have sex with them is almost like being married. That's why when a new couple attends; everyone is just about standing in line to have sex with them. A few couples try to make it a little more interesting in playing games. One party that Ann and I attended was one of those. There were about four couples at this particular party and one was new. It was held at Jack and Gloria's house. The new couple's names were Hal and Julie. The other two couple's names were Tom and Alice and Bob and Norma. The new couple was from out of town and was friends of Tom and Alice. They had not yet swung with them as they just met them on the internet and invited them to the party.


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The Orgy

This is the true story of Karen and I at our first orgy, which took place in Atlanta in the 90's.

Karen is a fine looking black woman about 40 and I was then about 5 years older. We met through a mutual friend and the day we met discovered that we were both very very sexual people.  During our relationship we confessed to each other that we were interested in group sex. Karen then told me that shortly after her divorce, as a young woman going to graduate school she had experienced a marvelous group sex scene. She described how her girlfriends, two of whom were rather bi, would let her have their husbands. The story she told, while never really graphic certainly piqued my interest. 


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Wife's First Swing

Let me set a little background as to the events time frame. We were residing in New Jersey and Dennis was working in New York City. There were a lot of stresses involved in his job and he tried not to bring the job home with him. I guess our way of relieving sexual tension was to enjoy a round of torrid sex when the children would permit us to enjoy some quality adult time. Well after 20yrs or so the sex began to get a little stale and Dennis started bringing home swingers magazines and showing them to me and asking me if I thought that it would spice up our sagging sex lives. I reminded him that I was a "true virgin when I married him and that I didn't need to try another man's dick to appreciate his. I reminded Dennis that he was and always would be my one "true love" and that there would never be another. At that point I was dead set against swinging or mate swapping of any sort.


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  Surprise Evening

My wife and I had enjoyed a threesome with a friend twice before, so it was not a brand new thing when we decided to go into the city to find a man to enjoy her favors. I directed her preparations, getting her dressed in a black, wrap around dress, sheer black pantyhose and high heels. She doesn't need a bra even though her breasts are very full, so naturally we left that out. I had her lay back on our bed and spread her legs. I took a pair of scissors and carefully cut away the crotch of her pantyhose to expose her shaven pussy. Unable to help myself, I buried my face in there for a few minutes, just to get the heat going.


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